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Chin-Up Guide

Chin Up Exercise Guide

When it comes to building a serious set of arms (and a monstrous back), few exercises can offer the strength and muscle hypertrophy stimulus as the chin up. The chin up, in addition

Bodyweight Workout Finishers for Weightlifters

Bodyweight exercises are beneficial for establishing foundational fitness, building muscle, and improving bodily control. While Olympic weightlifters must be well-versed with a barbell and the competition lifts (snatch, clean, and jerk), the below

Double Kettlebell Complexes/Workouts for Muscle Gain

In a recent article we discussed the double kettlebell swing, a kettlebell movement that requires strength, coordination, and power. Often, kettlebells are integrated into complexes (a series of exercises done back to back

L-Sit Exercise Guide

In this ultimate l-sit guide, we will cover everything you need to know about the l-sit. This article will discuss the muscle worked, benefits, proper l-sit progressions (for beginners, as well as most


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