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Weightlifter Tian Tao Cleans 230kg

Weightlifter Tian Tao Cleans a Monstrous 230kg

Chinese weightlifter Tian Tao has once again taken the weightlifting social media scene by storm with another monstrous lift. About two weeks ago, we wrote about Tao’s huge 280kg/617 lb front squat, which

Harrison Maurus PRs His Clean At 205 Kilograms

It was just last week when Harrison Maurus, who currently weighs around 81 kilograms, hit a personal record in his clean with 200 kilograms (441 pounds). At the time, that was 5 kilograms

Muscle Clean vs Power Clean

The muscle clean and the power clean are clean variations to help lifters increase strength, power, and performance in the pull. Both movements can be used by nearly any level lifter to increase

How to Master the Clean Pull Under

The clean pull under is an exercise to help learn, strengthen, and develop speed pulling under the bar (as if that wasn’t already obvious from the exercise name), as well as develop that

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