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How This Strongman Became a Wife Carrying Champion

In 2016, New England strongman Elliot Storey and his wife Giana became the North American champions in the unusual sport of wife carrying, a race that’s part obstacle course, part strongman, and part

The Bizarre Story (and Sport) of British Toe Wrestling

We’re pretty obsessed with unusual, culturally specific strength sports around here. There’s the Finnish sport of wife carrying, where a man carries his partner through a muddy obstacle course. There’s competitive wood chopping,

Inside the Crazy Strength Sport of Finger Wrestling

On first impressions it may look like a hyper macho show of competitive strength to win the attention of the nearby, 6-steins-of-beer-carrying waitress, but the German strength sport of finger wrestling (in German:

How to Keg Toss Like Thor

“It’s such a fun event because there aren’t a lot of times you get to throw something under technique and control, but also as hard as humanly possible.” In a nutshell, that’s the

Why It’s So Hard to Nail the Hammer Throw

The Highland Games hold a special place in the strength athlete’s heart. They’re not the most widely covered or best-attended events on Earth but, like a Jurassic mosquito frozen in amber, they’re a

Wife Carrying Is the Latest Strength Sport for Couples

Strongman meets obstacle course racing meets matrimonial love in one of the most bizarre strength events we’ve ever seen: wife carrying. According to Finnish legend, the race originated from a band of thieves led by