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Athleta Van Huffelen

The Untold History of the Overhead Press

The Military Press is undoubtedly one of weightlifting’s most elusive challenges. Done correctly, and with strict form, the Press can humble even the greatest ego. Done incorrectly, the Press turns into a vertebrae

The Untold History of the Back Squat

While no obligatory exercises exist for trainees, there is little denying the popularity of the back squat, deadlift and bench press amongst lifters of every ilk. Having previously covered the latter exercises, the

The Untold History of the Bench Press

The bench press has been called the King of the Upper Body Lifts, and given its unstoppable popularity amongst gym goers, chances are it’ll retain this title for the foreseeable future. Upon entering

Is Being Strong Low Class?

What does a big, muscular body mean? Show a photo of a broad shouldered powerlifting type to ten people, and you’re likely to get ten different answers. Note that we said “big, muscular

The Best and Worst Fitness Tips From Old-Timey Strongmen and Strongwomen

There’s just something about old-timey strongmen and strongwomen. Their combination of physicality, mystery, showmanship, and flowery, grandiose language made their sport fresh, exciting, and romantic. In the Victorian era, the advent of photography, video, and more accessible international

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