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Ali Davoudi

Watch This 20-Year-Old Clean & Jerk 529 Lbs

Iranian powerhouse weightlifter Ali Davoudi got to celebrate his 20th birthday in the best possible way. After just joining the 2-0 club he casually hit a huge clean & jerk of 240 kilograms,

heaviest clean and jerks

The Heaviest Clean & Jerks Ever Filmed

The snatch is athleticism, precision, and timing personified, but the clean & jerk is where the real championships are won. Taking the heaviest weight possible from the ground to overhead is one of

Andrei Chemerkin Was Crazy, Stupid Strong

For most of the 1990s, Olympic weightlifting’s heaviest weight class was ruled by the Russian giant Andrei Chemerkin. At his competition peak, Chemerkin’s 6 foot frame supported nearly 400 pounds of bodyweight, which