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3 Ways to Build a Kettlebell Pyramid Workout

Ah, pyramid training. There’s something about getting in and out of a muscle group (or a cardio-esque workout) quickly and not-at-all easily that is immensely satisfying. Unlike traditional (and more basic) approaches to

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Low Impact, HIIT 15-Minute Kettlebell Circuit

There are more awesome things about kettlebells than I can list in the fifteen minutes it will take for a lifter to perform this low impact, high intensity interval training circuit. Suffice it

Different Types of Kettlebells

What Are the Different Types of Kettlebells?

The kettlebell. A simple, yet incredibly versatile piece of equipment that in our opinion, is underutilized in most gym settings. A lot of gyms have kettlebells present, but not every gym sees them

BarBend Kettlebell Kings Giveaway

25 Days of Gifting: Kettlebell Kings Giveaway

We’re three days into our 25 Days of Lifting…Gifting campaign and we’re just heating up. For today’s giveaway, we’ve teamed up with Kettlebell Kings. One lucky winner will be walking away with a Kettlebell King’s 24kg Powder

Total-Body Kettlebell Circuit for Runners

In this article we offer runners a comprehensive total-body kettlebell workout to develop greater power, build muscle, and enhance running performance; all while increasing injury resilience. The below workout is divided into four

Total-Body Kettlebell Circuit for Fat Loss

Kettlebells are a great way to add movement, variation, and cardiovascular fitness into a training program. In this article we have conjured up an 18-minute workout that combines total body kettlebell exercises and


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