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Pull-Up Guide How To Set Up - Set the Scaps

Pull-Up Exercise Guide

Back training is key for strength, power, and fitness athletes. Increased back strength and muscle hypertrophy can boost deadlifting, squatting, and overall strength performance. In this pull-up exercise guide, we will cover: Pull-Up

4 Benefits of Butterfly Pull-Ups

In this article we will discuss in deeper detail the benefits of the butterfly pull-up, an advanced pull-up variation that helps an individual conserve energy, save time, and often perform more repetitions and

Kipping Pull-Ups vs Strict Pull-Ups

In an earlier article we discussed the kipping pull-up and some of the exercises from which it is derived. The strict pull-up is one of these variations that is the basis for all

4 Benefits of Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

In a previous article we discussed the chest to bar pull-up, a bodyweight movement that is seen in both strict and kipping forms; with the purpose of back development, gymnastic ad competitive fitness

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