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Larry Wheels Clarifies Stance On Steroid Usage

Editor’s note: The below article is not intended to make a moral claim regarding the athlete’s actions. We’re reporting on a video Williams made publicly available to his followers. BarBend does not endorse the use of

Larry Wheels 605 lb Bench Press PR

Larry Wheels Bench Presses 605 lbs for Three Reps

Insanity. That’s probably the best word to describe literally any video Larry Wheels chooses to share on his YouTube or social media channels. Yesterday, Wheels shared another monster lifting video on his Instagram

Larry Wheels Deadlifts 855 lb Triple

Larry Wheels Deadlifts an Insane 855 lb Triple

It might be safe to say that Larry Wheels and his lifting don’t really apply to traditional thoughts on training. Wheels is linearly progressing, but at a rate that continues to leave many

Larry Wheels Max Bench Press 225 lbs

Larry Wheels Bench Presses 225 lbs for 70 Reps

For a lot of strength athletes an unloaded, 45-pound barbell doesn’t feel like much at all. For many it probably feels like a weight that barely registers with the body. With that in


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