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Lasha Talakhadze Clean & Jerks Unofficial World Record 264kg

Lasha Talakhadze Clean & Jerks an Incredible 264kg

Over the weekend, Georgian superheavyweight weightlifter Lasha Talakhadze hit an absolutely massive clean & jerk at the Georgian National Weightlifting Championships. For the first time since the weight class changes, Talakhadze formally competed

Talakhadze and Valentin Are the IWF Lifters of the Year

The lines are closed, the votes are tallied, and the International Weightlifting Federation has announced the 2017 IWF Lifters of the Year: Georgia’s Lasha Talakhade, +105kg weight class and Spain’s Lydia Valentin Perez,

How to Vote for the IWF’s Lifter of the Year

It’s January, which means the International Weightlifting Federation has opened up voting for the 2017 IWF Lifter of the Year — and the competition is fierce. The 2016 winners were Iran’s Kianoush Rostami

You Can Vote for the IWF’s Weightlifter of the Year

The International Weightlifting Federation has officially opened up their voting process for the World Weightlifting’s Best Lifter of the Year 2016, and you, fellow fan of weightlifting, are eligible to vote. All you