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Adidas Powerlift 3.1

Best Weightlifting Shoes for Wide Feet

Let’s call it what it is, but weightlifting shoes are an investment. They’re a pair of shoes that come with a very specific purpose, so they’re only going to be wear the on

Best Weightlifting Shoes for Beginners

If you’ve landed on this article, then more than likely you’re newer to lifting shoes and need guidance before investing. Whether you’re new to competing in strength sports or you’re just a recreational

Adidas Leistung 16 II Vs. Adidas AdiPower

Adidas weightlifting shoes continue to stand among some of the top choices for strength athletes. In recent years, we’ve seen Adidas pump out multiple reiterations of their most popular shoe choices including the

Reebok Legacy Lifter Vs. Nike Romaleos 3

Reebok and Nike have both proven in recent years to have a few of the top weightlifting shoes on the market. Two of their newer shoes include the Reebok Legacy Lifter and the

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