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BarBend Legion Athletics Giveaway

25 Days of Gifting: Legion Athletics Giveaway

We’re nearly halfway into BarBend’s 25 Days of Lifting…Gifting giveaway campaign and we’re continuing to heat up this frigid month of December. Today’s giveaway is a MASSIVE supplement package from Legion Athletics. This giveaway includes some

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Are Preworkouts Worth It?

When you’re looking at workout supplements, there are a handful that have stood the test of time: protein powder, creatine, and preworkouts. First introduced to the market in 1982 — read about the

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6 Pre-Workout Ingredients You Can Take for a Better Pump

Usually getting a “pump” during your workout is considered a bodybuilding thing. Skin-stretching biceps and pulsating vascularity seem like they’re just for aesthetic purposes, for gymbros and gals who want to look swole

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The Best Pre-Workout Ingredients for Focus

We’re not about to tell anyone that the only way they’ll PR is with a pre-workout, but it’s also not true to say that pre-workouts are completely useless or full of fluff. Yes,

Best Preworkouts

Best Reviewed Pre Workout Supplements

Of all the workout supplements you can buy, pre workouts may have the widest variety of ingredients, dosages, and effects — which is why it’s so hard to find the best pre workout

Is There a Perfect Pre and Post-Workout Meal?

Every athlete has their favorite go-to pre and post-workout meals. These are meals usually composed of foods geared towards a specific goal, taste, and thought in mind. For example, a higher carb pre-workout

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout Review

Optimum Nutrition is maybe the biggest name in the supplement industry. They make the most popular protein powder on the market, Gold Standard Whey, and their branched chain amino acid supplement Gold Standard BCAA is

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