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Mava Sports Knee Support Material

Mava Sports Elastic Knee Supports Review

Joint compression, heat, and circulation are all expressed benefits of supportive knee gear for most lifters and athletes. By doing so, athletes can expect increased knee support and stabilization, circulation to muscle tissues

Davon Mahon Squats 180kg For 42 Reps

In case you need motivation to squat later, a video shared on Powerlifting Motivation’s Facebook page definitely got us pumped up to train legs. The video highlights a lifter named Davon Mahon squatting a

When Butt Wink Is a Problem (And When It Isn’t)

The guy who founded Squat University knows a lot about squatting. Dr. Aaron Horschig is a sports and orthopedic physical therapist, certified strength and conditioning specialist, USAW Olympic weightlifting competitor and level 1 coach,

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