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Isopure Giveaway

25 Days of Gifting: Isopure Giveaway

We have good news and bad news. The bad news is we are officially past the halfway point in BarBend’s 25 Days of Lifting…Gifting campaign, so there’s only two more weeks of giveaways. The good

BarBend Legion Athletics Giveaway

25 Days of Gifting: Legion Athletics Giveaway

We’re nearly halfway into BarBend’s 25 Days of Lifting…Gifting giveaway campaign and we’re continuing to heat up this frigid month of December. Today’s giveaway is a MASSIVE supplement package from Legion Athletics. This giveaway includes some

arnold schwarzenegger supplements

The Untold History of Workout Supplements

In March 2018, The New York Times estimated that in the United States alone, the nutritional supplement industry was worth roughly $133 billion.(1) While the newspaper seemed somewhat shocked at the size of

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Does Protein Powder Go Bad?

Because it doesn’t rot, melt, or decompose like your standard refrigerated protein and produce, some of us tend to think of protein powder like flour, sugar, and other pantry staples — the kind


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