Travis Rogers Squats a 650lb Double and Sets Two New PRs

These new personal records were both in the squat, both doubles, and both huge.

Travis “Papa Bear” Rogers began his competitive powerlifting career at age 26 in the -83kg weight class. During his time in that class (until age 28), he competed ten times. Of those ten, he won seven — including golds at his debut at the United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) 2016 2nd Annual Mid Atlantic Classic, the Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate (RPS) 2017 North American Championships, and RPS 2018 RAW DAWG National Championships — placed second once, and only missed the podium a single time.

His last four competitions saw him move up into the -90kg weight class where he has only stood atop the podium — the highlight being his win at the USPA 2019 National Championships where he posted his heaviest competition deadlift to date (332.5kg/733lb).

Most recently, Rogers has been training and posting some gigantic numbers and new personal bests. Two of which in the squat. Check out Rogers squat a 295kg/650lb double PR followed by a 624lb double paused PR in the video below from his Instagram page:

Note: the video transitions from the first double to the paused double to a bench press set using a Duffalo bar.

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“We all have a hell.”

It appeared as though these lifts were a combination of agony and pride judging from the look on Rogers’ face throughout both lifts. Despite the fact that he maintained each rep in a slow and controlled fashion and locked in two new personal records.

His previous squat double and paused squat double PRs came only a week prior when he hit a 268kg/591lb + 41kg/90lb of chains double and a 279kg/615lb paused double during an almost identical training session. Check out that lift below:

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“Brave the grave.”

Although his captions can often be morbid, his lifts are consistently solid. It will be worth keeping an eye on Rogers if he continues to set new PRs at his current pace.

Feature image via Travis Rogers’ Instagram page: @papabearrogers