Powerlifter Yanis Bouchou Deadlifts Unofficial Junior World Record 332.5kg/733lb

The young Frenchman has made major strides in the past four months.

Yanis Bouchou represents France currently in the -83kg weight class. According to Open Powerlifting, he has only competed in four events all held by the Fédération Française de Force (FFForce), and has won half of them — the FFForce France Force Athlétique Juniors on March 30th, 2019 and the FFForce Régional FA PL LAURAF nine months later on December 14th.

At the FFForce Régional FA PL LAURAF, Bouchou called for 332.5kg/733lb on this third attempt, but missed. Had that lift been successful, it would have set a new International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) Junior world record, replacing Chido Nnoli’s 325kg/716.5lb deadlift from the 2019 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships.

Bouchou has not let up in the past four months and finally pulled that 332.5kg/733lb without straps successfully to set a new unofficial IPF Junior world record. Check it out courtesy of the video below from Bouchou’s Instagram page:


This is currently Bouchou’s first and only Instagram post under this handle, so it is likely safe to assume this is a lift he is proud of. It is also noteworthy that Bouchou’s bodyweight was only 81kg at the time of this lift, which means he left just over four pounds on the table for this lift that was four times his bodyweight.

Jeremie Vezien, a follower of Bouchou, commented:

“This is the real deadlift king in the 83 class.”

Bouchou’s lockout may have seemed a little fast with soft knees, but the referee did pass it. When comparing this to Bouchou’s lifts in training, they appear to be quite similar. Here in the video below is a 250kg/551lb raw quadruple that Bouchou completed in training via Best Of The Lift – France’s Instagram page:


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It is not clear when Bouchou will be able to compete next, but when he does, we are excited to see if he attempts to make this record official.

Feature image via Yanis Bouchou’s Instagram page: @yanis_bcho