Australian CrossFit Championship Recap, Jay Crouch and Kara Saunders Come Out On Top

Check out who stamped their ticket to the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games.

The Australian CrossFit Championship took place this past weekend (March 5th-8th) in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia as the seventh CrossFit Sanctionals competition of the 2020 season. Athletes from all over the globe were invited to compete to earn a spot at the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games, though the only competitor not representing Australia across the elite men’s, women’s, and team divisions to place in the top three was Mia Hesketh of Sweden.

The leaderboard was pretty tight at the top throughout the competition, particularly among the male competitors. Here is the quick recap of who placed atop the elite men’s, women’s, and team divisions.

Top 3 Elite Men

The men’s division was a nailbiter the entire competition with the Jay Crouch, James Newbury, and Australian Open National Champion Bayden Brown being within a mere thirty points of each other after event twelve. Even closer were the top two, who were separated by just eight points. Here were the final standings:

  1. Jay Crouch – 968 points.
  2. James Newbury – 962 points.
  3. Bayden Brown – 938 points.

Top 3 Elite Women

The women’s division had a little bit more breathing room for Kara Saunders at the top who beat out Mia Hesketh by 126 points. Here were the final standings:

  1. Kara Saunders – 1,074 points.
  2. Mia Hesketh – 948 points.
  3. Laura Clifton – 906 points.

Top 3 Elite Teams

The Team division had a very clear top two teams pull away from the rest of the field: Mayhem Independence and Starr Strength Black. However, those two teams were within striking distance of each other the entire event and finished with only a 55 point differential between them. Here were the final standings for the team division:

  1. Mayhem Independence – 955 points.
  2. Starr Strength Black – 900 points.
  3. Not Bhed – 660 points.

Honorable mentions to teams Renegade and Starr Strength Gold who finished behind Not Bhed by just 10 points and 30 points respectively.

Australian CrossFit Games FAQs

When was the Australian CrossFit Championship?

The Australian CrossFit Championship was held on March 5-8th in Gold Coast, Queensland.

It was the seventh CrossFit Sanctionals competition of the 2020 season.

Who won the Australian CrossFit Championship?

The winners for the elite men’s, women’s and team divisions were as follows:

  • Men – Jay Crouch
  • Women – Kara Saunders
  • Team – Mayhem Independence

Feature Image from Kara Saunders Instagram page: @karasaundo