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Kate Gordon sticks out her tongue and smiles while holding a loaded barbell overhead.

How to Watch the CrossFit 2022 Semifinals

The wide world of CrossFit is getting amped up for the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games. The 10-event Semifinals kick off in three different countries on May 20. Across four weeks and six continents, the Semifinals will determine which athletes —...

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CrossFit Semifinal

Two Workouts Featured In All 2022 CrossFit Semifinals Revealed

On May 10, 2022, CrossFit HQ released the two Semifinals workouts for Individuals and Teams that will be part of all 10 Semifinal contests. For the 2022 Semifinals, athletes in each contest will perform six workouts; four are programmed by each Semifinal organizer, and CrossFit programs two.  The two workouts...

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powerlifter Samantha Eugenie deadlifting 215-kilograms while wearing a black t-shirt and a black singlet on a lifting platform

Samantha Eugenie (63KG) Breaks Four Junior National Powerlifting Records

Buttery pastries, lavender-scented fields, and smashing powerlifting records is just a few of France's favorite things. In a country home to powerlifting elites — Tiffany Chapon and Nabil Lahlou come to mind — 63-kilogram lifter Samantha Eugenie has punctuated her dominance by taking home four Junior National Records at the...

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Mal O'Brien

The NOBULL CrossFit Games to Remain in Madison, WI in 2023

On May 5, 2022, CrossFit GM of Sport Justin Bergh and Director of Competition Adrian Bozman held a virtual press conference alongside three CrossFit Quarterfinals continental winners — Malloy O'Brien (North America), Guilherme Malheiros (South America), and Gabriela Migała (Europe)....

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