The Best Weight Plates for Powerlifting, Home Gyms, and More

Load up your barbell with some bus wheels from our list of top weight plates.

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An often overlooked piece of equipment, weight plates are the unsung hero of your gym. The loyal companions of barbells everywhere, weight plates might not be as flashy as the brand new cable machine on the market, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a better dollar-per-pound option with regards to weight. Used in a vast array of training modalities, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right type of plates for your goals — be that working on your overhead press, or pushing your deadlift to the max to hit your 1RM

There is something out there for everyone, from rubber bumper plates to calibrated steel plates. And the even better news is that improved manufacturing processes and more competition in the industry have made buying options on the market virtually limitless, which is why we’ve put together a wide-ranging list of the best weight plates on the market in different categories to help you decide which is best for your gym

Best Weight Plates

Best Weight Plates Overall

For most lifters, there are two major concerns with regard to plates: affordability and durability. You want a set of plates that isn’t going to cost the world, and isn’t going to fall to pieces the first time you knock them. Again Faster’s plates fit the bill perfectly here.

Again Faster Evo Color Plates

Made from stainless steel and coated in high-quality virgin rubber, these weight plates are quite durable. They meet specifications for use in the Army Combat Fitness Test (a fitness assessment that soldiers are required to pass in the Army), and they have a durometer rating of 90 — the sweet spot that keeps your plates from breaking in half and offers minimal bounce.

They’re also a pretty good value for the price with their high-quality build, and their design helps ensure a snug fit on the barbell and flush loading against other plates of the same model. Plus, you can buy these plates in both pairs and sets.

Again / Faster Evo Color Plates
Again / Faster Evo Color Plates
Again / Faster Evo Color Plates

These plates are made from stainless steel and coated in high quality virgin rubber. They also have a durometer rating of 90, which means they aren't going to break in half when you drop them, but they also have minimal bounce. 

Who Should Buy Again Faster Evo Color Plates

  • Buyers looking for steel plates with good durability and a resilient virgin rubber coating.
  • Consumers looking for bumper plates with minimal bounce will like the durometer rating of 90 here. 
  • Anyone who wants bumper plates that are available in full sets for convenient purchasing.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Again Faster Evo Color Plates

  • Lifters who want a set of plates with handles (these have no handle inserts).
  • Buyers looking for non-coated plates will want to look elsewhere. 
  • Consumers who need plates that conform to the specifications of their sport association.

No-nonsense, durable, and with a smart design, these plates are a great choice for lifters of any level. Factoring in the price, we think they’re a solid deal to last for years to come.

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Best Weight Plates for Home Gyms

Lifting weights at home is great for convenience, but you will have to be careful not to annoy your neighbors or damage your house. These black bumper plates from REP Fitness are ideal in both regards. With low bounce and solid construction, they are less likely to make noise, cause undue vibration, or damage flooring.

REP Fitness Black Bumper Plates

There are a few things we especially like about these plates. The 10-pound plates are thicker than normal to reduce the likelihood of bending, and the 45-pound plates are thinner to allow for more loading on the barbell.

They also contain steel inserts instead of brass, which adds to durability over years of training. The price is also very attractive and it will be difficult to find a better value bumper plate of this quality.

REP Fitness Black Bumper Plates
REP Fitness Black Bumper Plates
REP Fitness Black Bumper Plates

These durable black bumper plates have steel inserts and low-bounce virgin rubber that may help reduce noise when dropped. They're ideal for traditional lifts, cross-training, and even Olympic Lifts.

Who Should Buy REP Fitness Black Bumper Plates

  • Home gym owners who want great value plates. 
  • Buyers looking for a long-lasting choice with their gym equipment.
  • Lifters who want a set of plates that can be dropped without any problems. 
  • CrossFitters, as these plates are great for functional fitness workouts.

Who Shouldn’t Buy REP Fitness Black Bumper Plates

  • Athletes looking for metal plates to fit more weight on the bar. 
  • Buyers who need plates that are certified for their sport. 
  • Consumers who want plates with handles for easier loading and unloading. 

For a home gym scenario where you need versatile plates that are also less likely to damage the floor when dropped, these REP Fitness bumpers are a great way to go.

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Best Weight Plates for the Money

We know that for many, price is the deciding factor when determining which weight plates to buy. If you are pressed for cash, we recommend these bumpers, which are just about the best value you can find for a high-quality product that you know will stand the test of time.

Again Faster Crumb Bumper Plates

Environmentally-conscious, these plates are made from 100-percent recycled, vulcanized rubber. These bumpers also have a stainless steel, co-molded collar for durability, and a fairly soft bounce. The below-average price tag is very attractive, and it will be difficult to find a better value bumper plate that holds up to regular training. You can tell the difference between weights with the high-contrast, color-coded flecks, and you can purchase these plates in pairs or sets with weights ranging from 10 to 55 pounds.

Again Faster Crumb Bumper Plates
Again Faster Crumb Bumper Plates
Again Faster Crumb Bumper Plates

Again / Faster Crumb Bumper Plates are made from 100 percent recycled vulcanized rubber and built to last. These tough bumpers are a great value thanks to their durability and engineering. 

Who Should Buy Again Faster Crumb Bumper Plates

  • Lifters with a tight budget will appreciate the below-average price here.
  • Athletes who want plates with a soft bounce. 
  • Consumers looking for plates that hold up to very regular training and a lot of usage.
  • Buyers looking for a more environmentally-conscious purchase — this rubber is 100-percent recycled. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy Again Faster Crumb Bumper Plates

  • Buyers who need plates certified by a sport federation.
  • Lifters who need plates that have a thinner profile for heavier barbell loading, as space can get tight after four 45-pound plates.
  • Consumers looking for fully-colored plates instead of just colored flecks. 

For the lifter on a budget, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better value than these plates. Easy to use and well-made, they are a lasting, financially-responsible choice.

Best Weight Plates for Competition

Before we go any further, we should note that we aren’t talking about competition in general, we’re specifically referring to Olympic Weightlifting. Bumper plates are essential in this regard, and we’d highly recommend training in kilograms too, because that’s how you’ll compete

Rogue Color KG Training Plates

These Rogue plates are IWF-approved, but because they are training plates, you get all the benefits of the competition editions without paying the premium associated with them. Very durable, they have a zinc-coated steel center plate and are guaranteed to be within 15 grams of their stated weight. Finally, the high-durometer rubber means minimal bounce, which is great if you don’t want to be caught off guard after hitting a huge snatch.

Rogue Color KG Training Plates
Rogue Color KG Training Plates
Rogue Color KG Training Plates

Competitive weightlifters will appreciate the details of these plates. They're dialed in to be within 15 grams of the stated weight, are ultra durable, and have minimal bounce so you don't have to worry about where the weight goes after you hit that big lift in training. 

Who Should Buy Rogue Color KG Training Plates

  • Athletes looking to compete in Olympic Weightlifting and want IWF-approved plates.
  • Trainees who want plates that are easy to identify.
  • Buyers who want very durable plates that can be dropped with minimal bounce. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy Rogue Color KG Training Plates

  • Consumers with a tight budget.
  • Lifters who prefer plates with handles for easier loading and unloading.
  • Lifters who aren’t looking to train for competition. 

If you plan on taking to the platform in the future, these plates are strongly recommended. You’ll be able to lift confidently in training knowing that apart from the crowd, very little will change on the big day.

Best Rubber Weight Plates (Bumper Plates)

For the price, these bumper plates from REP Fitness have an incredible feature set. They aren’t competition certified, but they do check the boxes most recreational lifters are looking for, and they should be a consideration if you’re looking for a cost-effective and durable set of high-quality bumper plates.

REP Fitness Black Bumper Plates

We love the dimensions of REP’s bumper plates. The 10-pound plates are thicker to help reduce bending, and the 45-pound plates are thinner so you can easily load more weight on the barbell than with comparable models.

REP Fitness Black Bumper Plates
REP Fitness Black Bumper Plates
REP Fitness Black Bumper Plates

Dependable black plates with a classic design, REP's bumper plates have appeal for weightlifting, functional fitness, and home gyms. Their 10-inch plates are extra thick to reduce bending and breakage, with the 45 pound plates a bit slimmer than average to allow for more loading on a barbell. Our REP black bumper plates are extremely durable and attractive, designed to be perfect for cross training/HIIT workouts and Olympic weightlifting. The plates are factory tested to withstand over 12,000 drops from a height of 8 feet.

These plates are also designed to minimize noise and bounce — which not all bumper plates do, especially in regard to bounce — so regardless of where you like to train, those around you will appreciate the (relative) lack of clanging and banging with this particular set of plates.

Jake tests the REP Fitness Black Bumper Plates
Jake tests the REP Fitness Black Bumper Plates

Who Should Buy REP Fitness Black Bumper Plates

  • Lifters who plan on regularly dropping the bar during training.
  • Lifters who want black bumpers with a thinner profile on 45-pound plates.
  • Consumers who want a dense set of plates with relatively low bounce.

Who Shouldn’t Buy REP Fitness Black Bumper Plates

  • Consumers looking for a set of color-coded plates.
  • Athletes who actually want a lot of bounce to their plates. 
  • Lifters who prefer competition-standard plates (though these will certainly be good for training).

As far as bumper plates go, you’ll struggle to find a better option at the intersection of value and quality. Manufactured to rigorous standards, we think they’re great for lifters of all levels.

Best Weight Plates for Powerlifting

Once you pass the intermediate stage of powerlifting, you can end up running out of space on the bar when using bumper plates. That’s where these plates come in. Cast from solid steel, they are very thin, which means that you will be able to increase the weight to absolutely soul-crushing levels if you need.

Rogue Calibrated KG Steel Plates

The Rogue Calibrated KG steel plates are color-coded and covered with a low-gloss powder coat. Approved for use by the IPF, they are machine-calibrated for extra accuracy. For serious powerlifters looking to account for every KG, the exacting manufacturing standards these plates go through ensure that your lifts are true and accurate. 

Rogue Calibrated KG Steel Plates
Rogue Calibrated KG Steel Plates
Rogue Calibrated KG Steel Plates

A staple in powerlifting gyms and competitions, the Rogue Calibrated KG Steel plates are IPF approved and calibrated to be insanely dialed-in to their stated weight. These plates are extremely high quality and their weight is measured in kilograms. 

Who Should Buy Rogue Calibrated KG Steel Plates

  • Powerlifters who want a very precise set of plates for training.
  • Athletes who need smaller plates to fit a lot of weight on the bar.
  • Trainees looking for IPF-approved plates.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Rogue Calibrated KG Steel Plates

  • Lifters who plan on dropping barbells while training. These are not for dropping. 
  • Consumers with a tighter budget.
  • Anyone looking for plates with handles for easier loading. 

One of the best options out there for powerlifters, these plates are pricey, but you get what you pay for. Calibrated to within 10 grams of the stated weight, the IPF seal of approval is the icing on the cake.

Best Weight Plates with Handles

When you start lifting weights, you may underestimate just how much time you spend changing the plates on the bar. Especially when you get strong, it can be a surprising amount of work. We appreciate a good set of plates with handles because they make this process just that little bit easier. Over time, this may not seem like much, but even a small benefit compounded over time can lead to massive gains.

Rogue 12-Sided Urethane Grip Plates

With a unique design that prevents bars from rolling, these Rogue plates are coated with urethane for a beautiful finish that is very resistant to impact. The smart recessed cut of the central handles means that it’s easy to grab the plates no matter how they lie on the floor, and we are impressed at how affordable they are considering the quality of materials used. The handles on these are a welcome boon when your grip is toasted from training.

Rogue 12-Sided Urethane Grip Plates
Rogue 12-Sided Urethane Grip Plates
Rogue 12-Sided Urethane Grip Plates

These 12-sided plates are a great option if you're looking for durability and convenience. The design of these Rogue plates allows for easy loading and unloading of the barbell while also preventing roll when the barbell is resting on the ground. 

Who Should Buy Rogue 12-Sided Urethane Grip Plates

  • Buyers who want a set of plates that are convenient to load and unload. 
  • Lifters looking for a great value set of plates that can compete with higher-end models. 
  • Those who want a very durable set of plates that will resist wear and tear. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy Rogue 12-Sided Urethane Grip Plates

  • Athletes who regularly drop the barbell during training. 
  • Lifters looking for plates that are certified for their sport. 
  • Consumers with a tighter budget. 

Smartly designed and very durable, these plates are some of the best value for money we have seen and should last decades if they’re well cared for.

Best Weight Plates on Amazon

Amazon is a convenient option for most people, and there are certainly a lot of choices on their website when it comes to weight plates, which can make the search overwhelming. If you want to take advantage of their shipping, you need to make sure that you aren’t saving in one area just to have the plates fall apart once you start using them. We scoured their listings and landed on the Pinroyal bumper plates as the most solid weight plates on Amazon. 

Pinroyal Bumper Plates

While they aren’t going to win any awards for innovative design, they are time-tested and are made with recycled rubber — a plus for the environment. The stainless steel insert is durable and also gives them decent shock absorption. Finally, we don’t think there will be many complaints about the price, as they are relatively affordable compared to other options.

Pinroyal Bumper Plates
Pinroyal Bumper Plates
Pinroyal Bumper Plates

These Pinroyal bumper plates are made of recycled rubber and stainless steel. While they'll stand the test of time in the gym, they're also great options if you're looking to Amazon to save on shipping. 

Who Should Buy Pinroyal Bumper Plates

  • Consumers who want to make use of Amazon Prime and save on shipping.
  • Anyone looking for a durable, but affordable set of plates.
  • Buyers who like to try and be environmentally friendly.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Pinroyal Bumper Plates

  • Lifters who prefer to train in KGs.
  • Buyers looking for more colorful plates.
  • Consumers looking for plates with a warranty.

These bumper plates stand out on Amazon for their excellent value. These are quite durable as well and will last you for many years with proper care despite the attractive price. With Prime shipping, you can save yourself a decent chunk of cash and get to lifting faster.

Weight Plates Benefits

There’s a reason weight plates have enjoyed widespread popularity for so long. They’re incredibly versatile, make it easy to change up the resistance you’re using for any given exercise, and they save space compared to dumbbells and weight machines.


Weight plates can be used for nearly any exercise you can think of — and they don’t need to be loaded onto a barbell exclusively. Weight plates can even be used by themselves or attached to other pieces of equipment as resistance such as ab-rollers and plate-loaded cable machines.

Weight plates piled on the ground
Image via Shutterstock / Africa Studio

Weight plates like bumper plates are also made to be dropped safely which is essential for those who practice olympic weightlifting and something you can’t do with most other weights like adjustable dumbbells, which would simply break. Many people who lack weightlifting shoes even use change plates to give themselves a faux heel, though there are safer ways to do accomplish that. With a little bit of creativity, their versatility is practically limitless.

Easy to Vary Resistance

Varying resistance using weight plates is extremely easy. All you have to do is add or remove plates of different weights. If you want to progress slowly there are change plates down to as small as a quarter of a pound that you can purchase. That means you can practice progressive overload and advance in whatever weight jumps you feel ready for instead of being stuck with five-pound (or more) increments like dumbbells or kettlebells.

Space Savings

Weight plates do need some space, especially if you have a full set and a weight tree. The space that weight plates take up can be minimized by laying them flat or leaning them up against a wall. A weight tree also takes up less space, generally, than a full dumbbell set on a rack like you’d need to have the same function as a set of weight plates. 

How We Chose the Best Weight Plates

The market is saturated with weight plate options and consumers can be left with their heads spinning if they tried to compare every option. Thankfully, we’ve taken a lot of that burden off your plate and compiled this list that has options for a range of needs. When making this list and testing plates, we considered their price, especially against the plates’ durability and purpose of the plates.


The price of weight plates can range from around $30 for a light and cost-effective plate to thousands of dollars for a competition set of calibrated discs approved by a governing body or federation. We considered the price and value the plates provide. Plates that were more expensive and had justification to be so expensive like a lower weight tolerance, higher-end materials, and well-made would rank well despite the cost.

Woman performing sit-ups with bumper plate
Image via Shutterstock / Srdjan Randjelovic

On the other hand, cheaper plates that provide a solid entry point with high resistance to wear and tear would rank well also. You won’t find plates on here that are prone to falling apart within a few uses or those that are expensive without reason.


Weight plates are meant to last a long, long time. Not everyone is going to take great care of or baby their plates, though you should to maximize their life. We recognize that. That’s why we chose plates with a proven track record of being durable and lasting a long time thanks to top-tier manufacturing and solid materials. Plates that are made well and utilize better materials will rank better on our list than others.


Though weight plates are quite versatile and universal, they’re all made with a specific purpose. Bumper plates are made to accommodate olympic weightlifting and oftentimes CrossFit-style workouts whereas steel plates are made for general strength training and calibrated plates are made specifically for powerlifting. We took into account the purpose of the plates and weighed that into our picks so that there are a wide variety of options for people to choose from, but the plates also had to fulfill their purpose to rank well on this list.

How Much Do Weight Plates Costs?

Weight plates vary in cost based on the material they’re made from, whether they’re competition approved, how much the plates weigh, and many other factors. Weight plates range widely in cost compared to other types of gym equipment, starting around $30 for a light and non-specialized plate and increasing to nearly $3,000 for a full competition set of calibrated discs. 

Best Weight Plates Overall Again Faster Evo Color Plates Pairs from $79.99 to $239 and sets from $419 to $2,249
Best Weight Plates for Home Gyms REP Fitness Black Bumper Plates Pairs from $69.99 to $209.99 and sets from $368.99 to $746.99
Best Weight Plates for the Money Again Faster Crumb Bumper Plates Pairs from $59 to $249 and pairs from $399 to $2,099
Best Weight Plates for Competition Rogue Color KG Training Plates Pairs from $191 to $479 and sets from $797 to $1,241
Best Rubber Weight Plates (Bumper Plates) REP Fitness Black Bumper Plates Pairs from $69.99 to $209.99 and sets from $368.99 to $746.99
Best Weight Plates for Powerlifting Rogue Calibrated KG Steel Plates Pairs from $114 to $303 and sets from $1,087 to $2,937 with change plate pairs from $31 to $72
Best Weight Plates with Handles 12-Sided Urethane Grip Plates Pairs from $94 to $325 and sets for $990 with change plates from $31 to $52
Best Weight Plates on Amazon Pinroyal Bumper Plates Individual plates from $29.99 to $79.99 and no sets

As this table makes apparent, the prices do indeed vary quite widely and we tried to include options for those who are shopping on a tighter budget, as well as those who are looking to purchase the best of the best and everywhere in between. The price also varies based on the function and purpose of the weight plates — the cost changes depending on whether they’re tough and meant for repeated drops (like weightlifting plates), or expertly calibrated for precision weight.

What to Consider Before Buying Weight Plates

Bumper plates, cast iron plates, handles or no handles? There are a lot of choices to make when purchasing something as simple as weights. Here are some things you’ll want to consider:

Your Training Priorities

If you’re an Olympic Weightlifter or a CrossFitter, you’ll need bumper plates. It’s that simple. For everyone else, you have many more options available. Powerlifters, bodybuilders, or casual lifters can all get away with using whatever plates they want so long as they aren’t slamming bars to the ground.

Stacks of weight plates against a concrete block wall
Image via Shutterstock / Jim Cork

This means you can potentially save a lot of money, though there are also plenty of high end traditional plates if you’re looking to splurge or need a top-of-the-line product to train for competition. 

Your Budget

As we just mentioned, generally bumper plates are more expensive than traditional plates, although this isn’t always the case. Certain features like urethane coverings or certification by a sport federation will mean that cast iron plates can be just as costly, if not more expensive, than a similar bumper plate. Our advice is generally to aim for the mid-range and consider your needs. You get great quality here, but don’t end up paying through the nose for features that you don’t actually need.


None of the plates on this list should have any issues with durability unless you neglect to care for them. Dropping cast iron plates from an overhead press or leaving a set of metal plates outside to face the elements would be prime examples of neglect. That being said, there are a wide range of durable options available, so if you plan on (literally) throwing your weight around and don’t want to worry about your purchase surviving, we’d recommend spending more for an extra durable option.


Handles usually aren’t available on bumper plates, so if you’re partial to them, you’ll probably end up going with traditional weight plates. Handles can make loading and unloading your bar much more convenient and some consider them essential to save time and effort. This will restrict your choices, but if it’s a priority for you, the options with handles on this list are reliable and high-quality choices. 


You want neon pink plates with a bright green logo? It can be done. There are now plates available in every color under the sun. You’ll pay extra for this, of course, so those with a more restrictive budget should stick to black and make the most of other features.

Common Materials Used In Weight Plates 

Despite the variety in shapes of plates, the materials used to manufacture them won’t change that much. Here’s an overview of the main options.

Cast Iron

Pretty easy to understand here, many plates are simply made from iron cast into a solid block. They are usually then coated with either rubber or urethane, or sometimes plated with another rust-resistant metal. These plates are going to be the cheapest option generally.


Steel plates are inherently more durable than iron, and can be one of multiple different alloys. Resistant to rust, they can, however, be more brittle depending on the carbon content and will be more expensive than cast iron options.


Urethane is the most durable — and also the most expensive — option for covering the outside of weight plates. It’s very resistant to wear and tear and is also great if you want to customize your plates. Companies can add letters, numbers, and even logos if they wish. Generally urethane is the go-to for commercial gyms where equipment will be heavily used, but isn’t as necessary for home gyms or recreational lifters looking to build out their bonus rooms.  


Rubber is cheaper and less durable than urethane, but for the average lifter, you shouldn’t notice many major differences. If you want the cheapest of the cheap, then look for plates made with recycled rubber, although beware there are some reports of these plates smelling odd. Virgin rubber will be slightly more expensive, but should be odorless.

Bumper Plates vs. Traditional Plates — What are the Differences?

If you aren’t immersed in the lifting world, it isn’t immediately obvious why you should want to buy a set of bumper plates instead of a set of cast iron plates. Here’s a quick overview of the main differences.

Traditional Plates

This is a huge generalization here, as there are many different types of traditional plates, but the main commonality is that they are one big lump of solid metal. They can have different materials covering them, and come in many different designs, diameters and shapes, but at the end of the day they are designed to be cost effective. Aside from being cheaper, they are generally also thinner than bumper plates which means you can fit more weight on the bar. The downside is they may be less durable and won’t survive being dropped regularly.

Bumper Plates

Bumper plates are specifically designed to be dropped. Olympic Weightlifting would be virtually impossible as a discipline without them. These plates are made of a solid metal core surrounded by rubber or sometimes urethane. This allows them to absorb shocks with zero (or nearly zero) negative effects.

Weightlifter walking up to barbell loaded with bumper plates
Image via Shutterstock / sportpoint

Durability is the obvious advantage here when compared to traditional plates. The main downsides are the price and the size. Bumper plates are going to be more expensive compared to traditional plates and are usually bigger as they are less dense. 

Final Word

Responsible for a large portion of your gains, a reliable set of lifting plates is a no-brainer for lifters trying to build muscle and increase strength. While it may seem at first glance that plates are just plates, and that you should buy whatever you can get cheapest, this simplistic analysis is a thought-trap we recommend avoiding. 

It is well worth your time to do a little research, think about your training, and spend enough to get a set of plates that won’t fall apart after a year of rigorous training. The correct set of plates could well last you an entire lifetime, saving you money and hassle in the long run. 


What’s the best weight plate on the market?

For our money, we really like the Again Faster EVO Color Plates. They’re well designed, affordable, and can withstand the occasional drop if the barbell slips out of your hands.

How much do weight plates cost?

Weight plates range widely in price from around $30 for a basic, cheap, and light plate to thousands of dollars for a set of competition-ready plates. That said, you can equip your gym with a heavy set of high-quality plates with a range of weights for anywhere from around $500 to $1,000. That may sound like a lot, but plates are generally something you only need to purchase once.

What are the different types of plates?

They tend to fall into two main categories: Bumper plates are designed to be used in Olympic Weightlifting and are resistant to being dropped for that reason. Traditional plates are generally cheaper, made from metal, and usually popular in commercial gyms. The lines have blurred somewhat with the growth of all types of fitness, but broadly speaking this is still true.

Does it matter if I drop metal weight plates?

That depends on how big the drop is. Dropping a bar from overhead will have a much different result compared to dropping it from say a deadlift. Metal plates should survive the odd drop if you’re deadlifting and the bar slips out your hands, but we would strongly recommend avoiding dropping metal plates as they could get damaged, or damage your flooring.