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Person wearing a black t-shirt and black shorts squatting with a barbell draped across their back

3 Big Benefits of the Low-Bar Back Squat

No one is born knowing how to squat with a loaded barbell draped across their back. Everyone starts somewhere, and the high-bar squat (where the bar sits on the upper traps) is the most comfortable variation for most people to...

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Box Jump

Add the Box Jump to Your Routine to Power Up

Strength is ever-important, but power — defined as how quickly you can move weight — is the show. It doesn't matter how much weight you can support on your back if you can't move it with gusto. More power means...

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A close-up image shows a person with their hair in a bun performing a forearm plank.

8 At-Home CrossFit Workouts You Can Try Today

Whether you’re just starting out in CrossFit or compete regularly in the Open, there are certain things about CrossFit that seem non-negotiable. To be a "real" CrossFitter, it may feel like you need to have membership at a box, participate...

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