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Guide to Whey Protein

The Gymgoer’s Guide to Whey Protein

The nutritional supplement market will promise every benefit under the sun to make sales. Many companies cite pre-workouts as the key to unlocking the best parts of your workout regimen, while supplements like mass gainers are hailed as tickets to...

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Best Glutamine

The Best Glutamine Powders, Capsules, and More

Glutamine is an amino acid — a building block for protein — that plays a role in several bodily functions. L-Glutamine, the type found in supplement form, plays a significant role in transporting nitrogen between organs. (1) Some evidence suggests...

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What is DHEA

What Is DHEA and How Is It Used?

Dehydroepiandrosterone, more commonly known as DHEA, is a hormone that some lifters take in supplement form. Bodybuilders specifically may take DHEA to help them build muscle or maintain muscle while losing body fat. After all, the hormone is linked to...

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Xwerks Ignite Featured Image

Xwerks Ignite Pre-Workout Review

Pre-workout is one of the most popular supplements in the weight training industry and has been around for nearly 40 years. (1) Looking at today’s market, you will see a variety of products that are loaded with amino acids, as...

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