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Best Foam Rollers for Muscle Recovery, Pinpoint Massage, and More

If only massages weren’t so expensive is likely a thought that has crossed the mind of many a trainee the day after a heavy lifting session. Thankfully, self myofascial release, the scientific term for self-massage, has become an excellent option with the recent innovations in foam rollers. You can now...

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Best Cold Plunges

The Best Cold Plunges for Small Spaces, Money and More

A cold plunge entails quite literally plunging yourself into bone-chillingly cold water — usually between 45 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. People have been immersing themselves in cold, icy water for centuries to reap various health benefits. The act is backed...

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Transparent Labs BULK Black Pre-Workout Review

Transparent Labs BULK Black Pre-Workout Review

Transparent Labs is notorious for their natural supplements, including their pre-workouts that may help prepare you for intense gym sessions. If you’re looking to add a new pre-workout supplement to your lineup and want a formula that includes a huge dose of citrulline, more than...

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REP Fitness PR-5000

REP Fitness PR-5000 Power Rack Review

Anyone looking to build their own home gym knows just how difficult it can be to find a true centerpiece. REP Fitness is making that easier on everyone with equipment like the PR-5000. This tank of a power rack can support up to 1,000 pounds of...

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