The Best Slam Balls for Grip, Dead Bounce, Versatility, and More

Slam your way into a full-body workout with the best slam balls to date.

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From squats to overhead presses, slam balls have the resistance and versatility to build strength throughout your entire body. You can also slam them against a wall and almost any sturdy surface, which makes them a great tool for functional training and cardio. And we can’t forget to mention the mental health benefits if you want to let out any pent-up aggression from the day’s stressors.

These often overlooked pieces of fitness equipment can help build both upper and lower body power, making you a more explosive athlete. Slam balls all serve the same function, but there are some differences that may impact how and why they’re used. Dead bounce slam balls may be employed when doing wall throws while those with tread for grip are better used during partner drills to help with catching. We’ve rounded up the best slam balls on the market to help you choose which one is right for you and your training.

Best Slam Balls

Best Overall Slam Ball

Slam balls have to be able to take a lot of punishment — it’s built into their name. They’ll often be slammed against a wall or the ground, fall from a height after being tossed overhead, or dropped after you’re done with your set. They also have to be comfortable to hold and have the weight distributed evenly. This pick takes the top overall spot because it checks all those boxes and more. Meet the Living.Fit Slam Balls.

Living.Fit Slam Balls

These slam balls are durable, have a great grip, and don’t bounce like crazy. The textured grip that Living.Fit put on these will help you get a good hold even during the sweatiest workouts. Sand is used to fill the slam balls instead of air or other materials, which means they’re dense and more compact, allowing easier storage and more versatile use. A dense outer shell is meant to withstand impacts from powerful throws and high drops without breaking or exploding — no one wants sand everywhere in the middle of a workout. 

They come in a variety of weights ranging from 10 pounds all the way up to 100 pounds in five- and 10-pound increments. The diameter ranges from nine inches on the five- to 20-pound balls, 11 inches with the 25- to 60-pound balls, and 13 inches on the 70- to 100-pounders. You’ll never have to worry about buying another slam ball because these come with a lifetime warranty. Living.Fit states that they will replace any slam ball on the off chance it were to break with normal use.

Living.Fit Slam Ball
Living.Fit Slam Ball
Living.Fit Slam Ball

Living.Fit slam balls are made to use every day without fail. The dense rubber shell is filled with sand to prevent rolling and bouncing while the textured outer layer gives a solid grip even when sweating during rigorous workouts. They’re available in weights from five pounds to 100 pounds with diameters from nine inches to 13 inches. 

Who Should Buy Living.Fit Slam Balls

  • Those who want a slam ball that won’t roll or bounce away. The dense sand filling means you won’t have to chase these down every time you throw or slam them.
  • Athletes who sweat a lot during their workouts will appreciate the textured grip, allowing for better contact during your workouts.
  • Folks who only want to buy something one time. These have a lifetime warranty and are Living.Fit will replace them if they happen to break with normal use.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Living.Fit Slam Balls

  • Athletes who are looking to replicate atlas stones may want to look for less dense options with a larger diameter.
  • Those who are seeking to improve their grip strength. The textured outer shell makes gripping these easier rather than harder.
  • People looking for a slam ball heavier than 100 pounds will need to check other options.

Everything about this slam ball says high-quality, from the textured grip to the durable rubber outer shell. A dense sand filling helps prevent you from having to chase down your slam ball every set as it won’t bounce away. If you’re in the market for a slam ball that will last you a lifetime, this pick is the way to go.

Read our full review of the Living.Fit Slam Ball.

Best Slam Ball on Amazon

Buying anything on Amazon can be difficult when you’re not sure which reviews to trust and which not to. Luckily, we’ve got you covered and found the best slam ball being offered on Amazon — the Living.Fit Slam Ball.

Living.Fit Slam Balls 

If you’re in the market for a slam ball and want to get it sooner rather than later, then ordering through Amazon Prime might be what you need. Not only can you get these slam balls quickly, but they’re top quality too. They feature a rubber, textured surface, so they’re easier to grip, and a dense sand filling, so they won’t roll away on you. For those who want a variety of weights to work with, they come in weights from 10 pounds up to 100 pounds with five- and 10-pound increments in between. The diameter ranges from nine inches to 13 inches depending on the weight.

Living.Fit Slam Ball
Living.Fit Slam Ball
Living.Fit Slam Ball

Living.Fit slam balls are made to use every day without fail. The dense rubber shell is filled with sand to prevent rolling and bouncing while the textured outer layer gives a solid grip even when sweating during rigorous workouts. They’re available in weights from five pounds to 100 pounds with diameters from nine inches to 13 inches. 

Living.Fit designed these slam balls to endure even the toughest of workouts with a durable rubber shell that prevents breaking or exploding. On the off chance that one of your slam balls breaks due to normal use, Living.Fit will replace it under their lifetime warranty. They’re priced right around the industry average, and you can pick these up starting at about $34.99 for the 10-pounder (before taxes) with free Prime shipping.

Who Should Buy Living.Fit Slam Balls

  • Athletes of any level who want to improve their power and fitness. The dense and tough design here makes these great for any level athlete to use. 
  • Those who want to do a variety of exercises. The smaller diameter allows you to do more exercises unencumbered.
  • People who like to purchase from Amazon. These are available for free Prime shipping, and you can use any points you have on your Amazon credit card. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy Living.Fit Slam Balls

  • Those who want a heavy slam ball for more compound movements may want to look elsewhere as these top out at 100 pounds. 
  • People who want a slam ball with some bounce to perform plyometric exercises may want to get a bouncier slam ball.
  • Folks who are opposed to purchasing from Amazon may want to look at other options on this list.

These slam balls are the real deal, and they’re good for trainees of all skill levels. They’re not going to bust open after a few slams, and they won’t go rolling away mid-set thanks to the thick rubber shell and dense sand-filled center. As an added bonus, you can get them in just a few days through Prime shipping.

Best Classic Slam Ball

There’s nothing quite like a classic, and the classic slam ball has maintained its popularity for decades for a reason. It’s an important and useful tool for athletes for helping to develop explosive power. The model example of this is the REP Fitness Slam Ball.

REP Fitness Slam Balls 

This product is about as straight to the point as you can get. There are no frills or gimmicks here, just a solid piece of equipment that gets the job done every time. These weighted slam balls are durable and made with a double shell and a reinforced air valve, so they won’t pop even after thousands of slams. The outer shell offers a grippy feel even during a tough and sweaty workout.

REP Fitness Classic Slam Ball
REP Fitness Classic Slam Ball
REP Fitness Classic Slam Ball

These slam balls are the modern version of a classic that fits the bill without having any frills. They feature a double-thick outer wall and reinforced air valve so these are built to last. The weights range from five pounds to 70 pounds and cost range in price from around $19.99 to $119.99. 

REP Fitness made these slam balls from thick rubber and filled them with sand, which gives a soft and mildly shifting feel so the weight will move around slightly during use. There are 12 sizes with weights from five pounds up to 70 pounds with diameters ranging from nine inches to 14 inches, depending on the weight. For home use, these slam balls are warrantied for one year, and for commercial use, six months. The five-pound slam ball will run you around $19.99 before tax with free shipping with the cost going up to about $119.99 for the heaviest one.

Who Should Buy REP Fitness Slam Balls

  • Anyone who is just starting out with slam ball training. These are a great way to introduce that type of training since they’re basic and durable. 
  • Those who prefer a classic look to their equipment will appreciate the straightforward design here.
  • If you want to train your core or stabilizers more, the shifting feeling may help to improve those muscles. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy REP Fitness Slam Balls

  • Those who’re strong may want to look at other options since these cap out at 70 pounds. 
  • People who prefer more modern designs with handles or a textured outer shell.
  • Athletes who want to do plyometric exercises with a slam ball may not like that this ball doesn’t bounce much.

Slam balls have been around for decades, and REP Fitness made a modern version of the classic with these. These slam balls deliver all the features you’d want and consider fundamental without adding anything unnecessary. Double-thick walls and a reinforced air valve help these hold up to repeated use over thousands of slams.

Best Slam Ball for a Dead Bounce

If you’re looking for a ball with the sole purpose of slamming it as hard as you can then an option with no bounce might be the best for you. The last thing you want is a slam ball bouncing back and taking you out mid-set. Titan Fitness designed these slam balls to have a dead bounce.

Titan Fitness Slam Balls

This pick is ideal for ball slams. The Titan Fitness Slam Ball can help you increase your explosiveness without fear of the ball bouncing back into your face. With no rebound, this slam ball also works your hand-eye coordination as it falls heavy and must be caught quickly after being thrown against walls or tossed from training partners.

Titan Fitness Slam Ball
Titan Fitness Slam Ball
Titan Fitness Slam Ball

This slam ball is typical in design but its dead bounce makes it a great choice to train aspects other than strength like range of motion, hand-eye coordination, and speed. 

Since these are meant to be used for explosive movements, these slam balls have a smaller weight range than many others — from 10 pounds to 60 pounds in five-pound jumps. They range in price starting at around $24.99 before taxes with free shipping. You can also buy a full set for about $499.99 plus tax.

Who Should Buy Titan Fitness Slam Balls

  • Combat fighters (such as boxers and MMA fighters) as these slam balls train you to throw some weight behind your punches.
  • If you have a training buddy, these slam balls are great for chest throws and won’t bounce across the gym if your partner doesn’t catch it.
  • Anyone who wants to improve their explosive power will appreciate that these won’t bounce all over the place.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Titan Fitness Slam Balls

  • If you prefer a ball with more bounce to work your speed and agility, you’ll want to look elsewhere.
  • Those who want a heavier slam ball. These only go up to 60 pounds.
  • Anyone who prefers a slam ball with better grip should look for something with treading or handles.

Most slam balls have a little bounce to them, but you’ll be forced to do all the work with these as they remain dead on impact. If you’re looking for a slam ball with no bounce, then the Titan Fitness slam balls are the way to go.

Best Slam Ball for Grip

While most slam balls have raised grip lines, one with treads on the surface might help even further your hold. When you’re working out hard and the sweat is pouring, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got a solid grip on your slam ball for best use. This pick can ensure that.

Living.Fit Slam Balls

These slam balls have a textured surface for better grip when you’re doing intense exercise and the sweat is flowing. The thick and durable outer rubber shell is still pliable, so you can get a better hold if you grip it hard, but it’s still tough enough to not break or pop when slammed. Living.Fit designed these to be used for years in any environment and filled them with sand to help prevent rolling and excessive bouncing.

Living.Fit Slam Ball
Living.Fit Slam Ball
Living.Fit Slam Ball

Living.Fit slam balls are made to use every day without fail. The dense rubber shell is filled with sand to prevent rolling and bouncing while the textured outer layer gives a solid grip even when sweating during rigorous workouts. They’re available in weights from five pounds to 100 pounds with diameters from nine inches to 13 inches. 

These slam balls come in weights from 10 pounds up to 100 pounds — some of the highest weights available across the market. The last thing you want when you’re doing a partner throwing workout on a hot day is a slam ball to go through your hands because it wasn’t grippy enough — and with these, you won’t have to worry about that. They’re fairly priced starting at around $34.99 before tax and going up to about $119.99 for the heaviest, the 100-pounder. 

Who Should Buy Living.Fit Slam Balls

  • If you’re looking to improve your grip, these may help in that department with the extra textured surface.
  • Those who are prone to sweating a lot will like that these are easy to get a hold of even when you’re sweating.
  • Athletes who want heavier slam balls. These go up to 100 pounds, which is heavier than most other slam balls.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Living.Fit Slam Balls

  • If you prefer the classic rubber shelled slam balls, these may be too textured for you.
  • Those who are looking to purchase their slam balls in a set may want to look at other options. These are sold individually. 
  • Athletes who are particularly strong may find even the 100 pound slam ball too light in extreme cases.

Living.Fit made the rubber shell of these slam balls to feature a textured surface almost like a tire tread. That helps to improve your grip, even during the hardest workouts, and may inspire more confidence to throw or push just a little harder than you may have otherwise. These are a great choice for anyone who finds regular slam balls to lack grip.

Most Versatile Slam Ball

While slam balls and medicine balls have different purposes, they are occasionally used interchangeably for throws or conditioning work. In such a case where you only have one or the other, this product helps to ensure you can do all the varying exercises with both. Meet the Rogue Ballista.

Rogue Ballista

The Rogue Ballista is a unique piece of equipment that attaches to an existing slam ball or medicine ball to give it handles or allow it to be used as a kettlebell. The Ballista is made from a nylon webbing and acts like a sling to go around your existing slam ball and harness it in place. You can use this piece of equipment to mimic snatches, throws, dumbbell movements, and most exercises you can think of.

Rogue Ballista
Rogue Ballista
Rogue Ballista

The Rogue Ballista is a unique piece of equipment which is meant to convert any compatible existing medicine ball or slam ball into a kettlebell. The small size fits nine and 10 inch diameters while the large fits 14 inch diameter balls. The amount of exercises you can do with this sling attached is virtually endless thanks to the six inch handle. The Ballista kicks the versatility to the max.

The handle portion secures similarly to a gym bag’s handle with velcro that encloses around itself and measures six inches wide when closed. It comes in two sizes — small to accommodate diameters of nine and 10 inches, and large designed to fit 14-inch diameters. Reinforced stitching helps to ensure the ball remains in the Ballista during use. You can snag either size for around $50 before tax and possible shipping charges.

Who Should Buy the Rogue Ballista

  • Those who are limited on space and want the most versatility they can get out of their equipment.
  • Athletes who often do multiple types of exercises in a workout. These allow you to do that without digging out kettlebells or dumbbells after ball slams or tosses.
  • People who are on a budget. This is a cheaper option than buying a set of kettlebells on top of your existing slam balls or medicine balls.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Rogue Ballista

  • Those who already have a set of kettlebells that they use regularly may find this product to be redundant.
  • People who are strictly looking for a slam ball or medicine ball may not need the added versatility this tool offers.
  • Anyone whose slam balls or medicine balls won’t fit the diameters of this product.

Rogue has done it again with a uniquely designed piece of equipment that can help you save space and increase the versatility of the stuff you already own. If you’re looking to add new and challenging movements into your workouts, this is a great way to do so.

Best Slam Ball Set

Having one slam ball is nice if you want to start to work it into your program, but having a set of slam balls allows you to develop a program around them. You can even move up as you get stronger or down for drop sets. If you’re in the market for a set of slam balls, our favorite are the Titan Fitness Slam Balls.

Titan Fitness Slam Balls

These slam balls are designed more on the classic side, but with no bounce. They have a textured rubber shell on the outside which helps give you a solid grip and prevent slipping. The set of these slam balls ranges from 10 pounds up to 60 pounds in five-pound increments, meaning you can move up slowly without taking huge jumps — perfect for linear progression. The entire set will run you around $499.90 plus tax with free shipping.

Titan Fitness Slam Ball
Titan Fitness Slam Ball
Titan Fitness Slam Ball

This slam ball is typical in design but its dead bounce makes it a great choice to train aspects other than strength like range of motion, hand-eye coordination, and speed. 

The diameters measure from nine inches for the light balls to 11 inches for the heaviest. These slam balls come with a standard Titan one-year warranty against manufacturer defects. If you need some extras then no worries, you can always purchase additional slam balls individually starting at about $24.99 for the 10-pounder.

Who Should Buy Titan Fitness Slam Balls

  • These sets are great for gym owners who are looking to stock up on equipment without breaking the bank.
  • Those who like to progress the resistance during a workout will appreciate having manageable weight jumps in five-pound increments.
  • Athletes who do a variety of movements with slam balls that require different weights, like buddy passes and overhead throws.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Titan Fitness Slam Balls

  • Those who use slam balls for a specific type of exercise may just need one to accomplish their goal.
  • Athletes who are very strong may find the top weight of 60 pounds to be too light for their needs. 
  • Home gym owners who are limited in space may not be able to fit this entire set in their facility.

These slam balls are textured, durable, and priced right. Titan Fitness designed these to accommodate a wide variety of needs, and the range of weights in this set does just that. If you need different resistances for your movements, these are a great choice to get your slam on and progress over time.

Benefits of Slam Balls

Slam balls are mostly used for two main reasons — improving conditioning and increasing power. Lighter slam balls are generally used for conditioning and higher repetition work to improve stamina with movements like wall balls or Russian twists. They are also commonly used to increase the intensity of bodyweight movements like front squats. Other heavy slam balls are employed to improve power with exercises like chest passes, overhead throws, and medicine ball slams.

Person performing a push up on a slam ball
Image via Shutterstock / antoniodiaz

Many people also employ the use of slam balls for core training with exercises like rotational slams, sit-ups, and even hanging knee raises. With a slam ball and a little creativity, you can complete an entire full-body workout with an emphasis on explosive power and conditioning even with a lighter and more inexpensive slam ball.

How We Chose the Best Slam Balls

Slam balls may seem like straightforward pieces of equipment, and in many ways, they are, but some have features or specs that set them apart from others. In choosing our picks for this list, we looked closely at the price, durability, and special features that each slam ball has to rank our picks.


Like any piece of fitness equipment, you can have the best product in the world, but if the price isn’t right, then it doesn’t matter. Much the same can be said for slam balls as they have to be priced reasonably to make it onto our list. At the end of the day, these are a tool in your arsenal and not something most people are going to splurge on like a new barbell or power rack. The quality for the price you’re paying has to match and the companies that provide an excellent product for a reasonable price end up ranking better than others.


Slam balls are going to take a lot of punishment. The whole point of them is to be slammed into the ground, off a wall, on your friend’s chest when they miss the catch, you get the point. Nowadays companies are making these products with reinforced walls and impact-absorbing shells so they’ll last for years and even decades. If your slam ball explodes after a few slams or even a couple hundred, then it will likely not rank highly on the list compared to other more durable ones.

Special Features

Since slam balls are essentially straightforward pieces of equipment, some companies decide to go the extra mile and add an extra feature like textured tread or a reinforced air nozzle. These features can go a long way to improving the overall user experience and even the durability of the slam ball. Products like those with special features that improve the overall design are likely to rank higher on our list.

How Much Do Slam Balls Cost?

Slam balls have a low barrier to entry when it comes to price, but the cost can rack up rather quickly — much like weight plates and dumbbells. A five or ten-pound slam ball won’t put a big dent in your bank account, but if you’re interested in picking up a set of them, you’ll be making a more significant investment of a few hundred dollars.

Best Overall Slam Ball Living.Fit Slam Balls From $29.99 up to $149.99
Best Slam Ball on Amazon Living.Fit Slam Balls From $29.99 up to $149.99
Best Classic Slam Ball Rep Fitness V2 Slam Balls From $24.99 up to $119.99
Best Slam Ball for a Dead Bounce Titan Fitness Slam Balls From $34.99 to $99.99
Best Slam Ball for Grip Living.Fit Slam Balls From $29.99 up to $149.99
Best Versatile Slam Ball Rogue Slam Ball Ballista $50.00
Best Set of Slam Balls Titan Fitness Slam Balls From $34.99 to $99.99

The lighter slam balls from five pounds up to about 20 pounds cost around $30 to $50, while the heavier slam balls generally cost more around $60 to $150. Some companies make products that are like slings that can transform medicine balls into slam balls with a handle, and those are priced somewhere around $50 usually.

What to Consider Before Buying Slam Balls

Different slam balls are similar in their basic functionality, but some serve specific needs better than others. Here’s what we think you should consider before buying your own slam ball or set of slam balls. 

Level of Expertise

Before buying, consider your level of expertise. For instance, if you’re a beginner, you might want a slam ball with a treaded shell. This will help as you build your grip strength. More advanced athletes may want to opt for a dead-bounce slam ball that won’t bounce back due to the amount of force you’re imparting on the ball. Less grippy slam balls are also likely better for more advanced lifters since they can help you train your grip and increase the difficulty of the exercise.

Bounce vs. Dead Bounce

You’ll need to consider if you want the ball to bounce or not. If you’re using your slam ball for ab exercises, you don’t necessarily need a ball with a bounce. But if you’re doing a partner drill like a slam pass, you might want to look into a slam ball with a bounce, so that it can return to you and your partner more easily.

Weight Variety

It’s also important to consider what type of weight you need for your training. While weight is important for strength training it’s also essential to improve your speed and mobility. Lower weights work well during speed and reaction drills while also benefiting rotational exercises, like halos or a wall side toss.

Women at gym performing russian twists with a slam ball.
Image via Shutterstock / Jacob Lund

Heavier weights are useful in exercises like shoulder throws or carries. Before choosing, make sure your pick goes up to the weight you need. Some brands only have standard sizes ranging from five pounds to 50 pounds while others only go as low as 50 pounds but reach up to 200 pounds.


The last thing to consider is the price. While a standard 10-pound slam ball will cost an average of $20 to $30, some come in at a heftier price of $100 and up. If you’re on a budget, know that they’re affordable options on the market. Also, see if your pick has a warranty as this usually means the company is confident their ball is durable and strong enough to withstand any type of slam.

What are Slam Balls?

Whether they’re being passed to a partner, tossed against a wall, or slammed into the ground, slam balls are constructed to endure high impact. Their tough shells are usually made of rubber to withstand any surface and allow for strong grips during catch-and-release drills. Combine that outer shell with a sand or gel filling, and you have a ball that doesn’t bounce or ricochet onto your face.

Slam Balls vs. Medicine Balls

Some people make the mistake of using medicine balls as slam balls. They realize the error when it’s already too late — the medicine ball has popped and the gym owner is asking them to clean up the sand that has spread all over the mat.

Man about to slam a ball on a gym's floor.
Image via Shutterstock / OPOLJA

While some slam balls can be used for medicine ball exercises, medicine balls cannot always be used for slam ball exercises. While some are also made of rubber, most are made of leather, vinyl, or plastic. After consistent slams to any surface, some medicine balls will start to tear apart and deflate. Medicine balls are best used for tosses and partner drills since they’re softer.

An easy way to remember which type of ball to use during your exercise is to consider if it involves propelling the ball with intense force or not. If so, choose a slam ball. It’ll not only be the correct tool for your workout, but it’ll also save you from having to buy another ball sooner than later.

Final Word

Slam balls have been around for a while, and they’ve seen minimal changes compared to a lot of other fitness equipment on the market. There are some companies out there making new and innovative design changes that improve the user experience and even durability, which are welcome changes. If you find yourself in need of a slam ball or slam ball set, the picks on our list are a great place to find what you’re looking for.

Slam balls are a versatile tool any athlete can use for almost any workout. Other than being thrown and tossed, they can be lifted, rolled, balanced on, and whatever else your imagination can come up with. Use the best slam balls on this list to enhance your training and engage every muscle in your body. They’re great for changing things up, and they can be downright fun too.


What sort of exercises can I do with slam balls?

Slam balls have a lot of uses, but their most common and probably best use is for helping to develop explosive power. Throwers use them for overhead tosses or chest presses. Softball players may use them to develop their swing with rotational wall throws. You can even use them as added weight for other exercises, such as overhead lunges, russian twists, or squat jumps. Your imagination is the limit here.

What is the best slam ball?

There are a variety of options on the market for slam balls. Some have tread on them, others are smooth, and some are simply slings that turn a medicine ball into a slam ball. Our favorite at the moment are the Living.Fit Slam Balls since they’re well-priced, come in a wide range of weights, and have a durable, textured rubber shell.

How much do slam balls cost?

Much like weight plates and dumbbells, slam balls start out relatively inexpensive and become more costly as the weight increases. You can pick up a high-quality, light five-pound slam ball for as little as about $30 while the heaviest slam balls — which are sometimes 100 pounds — may cost up to $150.

How much do slam balls normally weigh?

As with many other pieces of fitness equipment, slam balls come in a variety of weights and sizes. Commonly, you’ll see them anywhere from nine to 13 inches in diameter. The weights range from 10 pounds to 70 pounds, though some companies make heavier ones up to 100 pounds. After 100 pounds, you end up moving out of slam ball territory and into the rubber atlas stone area.

How heavy of a slam ball should I get?

This is a tough one to answer since everyone is different, but generally you’ll want to get a slam ball that you can use for explosive movements in the range of 10 to 15 repetitions. For most folks, this will correspond to a slam ball between 25 to 40 pounds unless you’re a beginner or very advanced.