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2020 Tokyo Olympic Games Refugee Olympic Team Members Announced

Tuesday, June 8, 2021, marked a special day for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. According to the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) announcement, 29 athletes from 11 different countries were named to the Refugee Olympic Team, also known as the EOR (Equipe Olympique des Réfugiés). Twenty-five of them received Refugee Athlete...

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What Is Weightlifting?

Weightlifting is a weight-classed strength sport. In competitive weightlifting, there needs to be a focus on balance of strength in the snatch and clean & jerk. An athlete’s platform success is comprised of the two competition lifts and these lifts include the,

  • Snatch
  • Clean & Jerk

Out of every strength sport, weightlifting tends to be regarded as the most technical and tough to pick up. Whether you’re setting records or brand new to the sport, this page will serve as your all-in-one weightlifting home!

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