Best Pull-Up Assist Bands For Travel, Advanced Athletes, And More

Discover which of these pull-up assist bands could help boost your exercise routine.

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Pull-up assist bands are large rubber bands that you can loop onto your power rack or squat rack to relieve a certain amount of weight when performing a pull-up. For example, if an athlete who weighs 150 pounds uses a pull-up assist band of 25 pounds, then they are pulling up 125 pounds instead of their full body weight.  Pull-up assist bands are primarily for those who are training toward performing unassisted pull-ups or looking to increase the reps they can perform as a pull-up accessory exercise.

You can use them for other purposes though such as warming up or accommodating resistance training by tying them to a dumbbell for more explosive jumps or a barbell for bench presses. There are many reasons why athletes of all fitness levels might be able to benefit significantly by having access to pull-up assist bands. Whether your goal is hitting your first unassisted pull-up or spicing up the normal X sets of Y reps of normal pull-ups, assist bands are worth looking into. Let’s stretch out and take a look at the best pull-up assist bands on the market.

Best Pull-Up Assist Bands

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Best Pull-Up Bands Overall

The best pull-up bands have to be able to accommodate a wide range of assistance needs while still being durable and reasonably priced. These bands check all the right boxes and then some, making them our favorite pull-up assist bands overall.

REP Fitness Pull-Up Bands

These elastic bands ensure long-term durability and come in seven different sizes to match the needs of various customers. The sizes range from XXX Light to X Heavy, so you can accommodate anything from stretching to adding weight to power lifts in your home gym.

REP Fitness Pull-Up Bands
REP Fitness Pull-Up Bands
REP Fitness Pull-Up Bands

These bands can provide resistance up to 175 pounds with 3.25 inches in thickness. They range in size from XXX Light to X Heavy, so you can accomplish a variety of workouts using them. 

These bands can provide resistance up to 175 pounds with 3.25 inches in thickness. That makes it effective for beginners working towards their first pull-up and advanced athletes working on pull-up progressions. Plus, you can even buy a set of them if you want a variety of assistance levels. 

Who Should Buy REP Fitness Pull-Up Bands

  • Athletes who want elastic bands that range from XXX Light to X Heavy in size. Having a wider variety of resistances will make progress smoother.
  • Those who want to invest in a set of pull-up assist bands for the long term — these can stand up to repeated use for years.
  • Powerlifters who want to add even more resistance to their lifts will like the X Heavy band that REP Fitness offers. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy REP Fitness Pull-Up Bands

  • Anyone who just wants a light resistance band for stretching can find more budget-friendly options out there. 
  • Those who want more than five varieties of bands in their set can find sets with upwards of eight sizes. 
  • People who would prefer to purchase their bands in pairs. These are sold as one per set or individually.

If you’re looking for bands to help you stretch, train your pull-up, or even add weight to a power lift, REP Fitness’ variety of sizes and the durable elastic should be a great fit for most athletes.

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Best Pull-Up Bands Bundle

When you’re progressing from assisted to unassisted pull-ups, having a variety of bands to choose from can help. It allows you to work in different rep ranges and ensures that your band provides the right amount of assistance based on what you need for that workout session. The Rogue Monster Bands Pull-Up Package excels in this area.

Rogue Monster Bands Pull-Up Package

This pull-up assist band bundle includes eight pull-up bands with a resistance range of up to 200 pounds. Despite supplying multiple resistance bands, this bundle is more affordable than most other competitive options on the market — there are other bundles that offer far fewer varieties in size that are close in price to the Rogue bundle. 

Rogue Monster Bands Pull-Up Package
Rogue Monster Bands Pull-Up Package
Rogue Monster Bands Pull-Up Package

These looped bands come in eight different resistance levels for warming up, full-body workouts, and to add to your barbell lifts for accommodating resistance.

These assist bands scale in resistance with the following weights: 15, 30, 50, 65, 100, 140, 175, and 200 pounds. The thickest of the bands is four inches thick. The wide range of assistance options here allows you to progress naturally without taking large jumps from heavily assisted to a non-assisted pull-up over time.

Who Should Buy Rogue Monster Bands Pull-Up Package

  • Athletes who want to have a wide variety of band sizes in their home gym. Eight different weights mean you’ll likely always have the right amount of tension.
  • Those who are looking for more affordable pull-up assist band options will like that this bundle is less expensive than many others on the market. 
  • Folks who are looking for a wide range of weight assistance up to 200 pounds.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Rogue Monster Bands Pull-Up Package

  • Anyone who may not need the wide range of sizes this bundle offers can find bundles that only offer three or five different pairs. 
  • People who just want one or two bands can buy them separately for less money.

There aren’t many negative aspects to these bands. They aren’t doing anything particularly fancy, but they make for a solid set of pull-up assist bands. This bundle provides a wide range of weight assistance suitable for most athletes. If you’re looking to buy a diverse variety of sizes all at once, this is the way to go. 

Best Pull-Up Bands For Travel

Folks who are trying to make gains on the go have a different set of needs to accommodate for than other people. Their equipment needs to be compact, convenient to set up and use, and easy to transport. CANWAY Pull-Up Bands hits all those marks for the jet setters.

CANWAY Pull-Up Bands

These pull-up assist bands are made of latex rubber that aims to maintain elasticity over the long term and endure repeated use. They are designed to be used in outdoor gyms and are great for travel workouts, though they can be used indoors as well. This package comes with four bands to a set and provides between 15 to 125 pounds worth of assistance depending on the band you’re using.

CANWAY Pull-Up Bands
CANWAY Pull-Up Bands
CANWAY Pull-Up Bands

These pull-up bands come in a set of four that offer a resistance range of 15 pounds to 125 pounds. A carrying bag and a user manual are included. The total weight of the bands is approximately two pounds for easier travel.

As one of the more affordable options available on the market, these are great for athletes playing it safe with their finances. Additionally, each set includes a carry bag to help with organization on the move. It is worth noting that these are latex bands, so anyone with an allergy should obviously move on to a different set of assistance bands on our list. The other notable downside with this set is it comes four bands to a set instead of five, meaning that each band has a wider range of assistance. That makes for easier travel and storage, but means that beginners made have a more difficult time building up their pull-ups with these as opposed to a different set with more narrow weight ranges. 

Who Should Buy CANWAY Pull-Up Bands

  • Those who need durable assistance bands to last a while. Being made for outdoor gyms, these are resistant to abrasion and the elements.
  • Folks who train in outdoor gyms or in smaller hotel gyms while traveling will enjoy the included carrying bag.
  • People who are on a tighter budget. These are cost-effective and available quickly through Prime shipping.

Who Shouldn’t Buy CANWAY Pull-Up Bands

  • Athletes who need bands with tighter assistance ranges may find the assistance jumps a bit too aggressive here.
  • Anyone who is allergic to latex will want to look for other options.
  • Those who want a larger variety of band resistances to choose from instead of only four. 

Ultimately, if you are an athlete looking to grab some assistance bands to take on the road or pack into a suitcase, you might be looking at your best option — the included carry bag is a nice touch, too.

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Best Pull-Up Bands For Advanced Athletes

If you’re an advanced athlete, you may be looking for extra resistance instead of assistance on pull-ups — though, after a difficult workout, you may need a gentle helping hand to finish your last few sets. These bands come in strengths from light for aiding in pull-ups to extra strong for helping with the power lifts.

Rogue Monster Bands Pull-Up Package

These assist bands provide up to 200 pounds of assistance, which is higher than most competitors on the market. This larger range means they can double nicely for beginners who need the additional assistance and for advanced athletes who could also use these as resistance bands during lifts for accommodating resistance training.

Rogue Monster Bands Pull-Up Package
Rogue Monster Bands Pull-Up Package
Rogue Monster Bands Pull-Up Package

These looped bands come in eight different resistance levels for warming up, full-body workouts, and to add to your barbell lifts for accommodating resistance.

Each set includes eight bands, which is more than most other comparable options on the market, and they are all 41 inches in length. Although they are made of latex rubber, which may not be suitable for athletes with allergies, they are durable bands that are intended to last several years of routine use and maintain their elasticity.

Who Should Buy Rogue Monster Bands Pull-Up Package

  • Athletes who want a higher resistance range from their bands. These go all the way up to 200 pounds of tension — the most on this list.
  • Those who are in the market for bands that offer the utility of pull-up assistance as well as resistance training.
  • People who are looking for durable latex rubber will like these bands.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Rogue Monster Bands Pull-Up Package

  • Athletes allergic to latex will want to steer clear. 
  • Anyone who just wants a couple of pairs of bands can buy them separately for less money. 
  • Those who would rather buy their bands in pairs will have to purchase two sets of bands as these come with one band per set.

Again, latex-allergic athletes need not apply. But if you are specifically looking for a really stiff band that is going to provide a lot of assistance for your pull-ups and heavy resistance for accessory training, then this is a solid option to consider. There isn’t much to complain about with these bands, and they’re useful for a wide variety of cases outside of only assisted pull-ups thanks to the diverse band selection in each bundle package.

Best Pull-Up Bands For Beginners

Beginners are unlikely to take well to making huge jumps in difficulty, which is why we like the gradual resistance jumps that the TRX Strength Bands provide. They’re perfect for helping beginners move along at a controlled and metered pace.

TRX Strength Bands

These pull-up assist bands can provide up to 150 pounds of assistance and are made with natural rubber latex. Additionally, you can buy these bands individually or as a set of six for variety.

TRX Strength Bands
TRX Strength Bands
TRX Strength Bands

These TRX bands include sizes five to 15 pounds, 15 to 30 pounds, 25 to 50 pounds, 35 to 70 pounds, 45 to 110 pounds, and 60 to 150 pounds. You can also pair these bands with the digital TRX Training Club membership for workout guidance. 

The varieties of TRX bands include five to 15 pounds, 15 to 30 pounds, 25 to 50 pounds, 35 to 70 pounds, 45 to 110 pounds, and 60 to 150 pounds. You can even pair these bands with the digital TRX Training Club, so as a beginner, you have access to live and on-demand classes that can guide you through the initial use of your bands and show you some creative ways to make use of them. 

Who Should Buy TRX Strength Bands

  • Those who want heavier bands for more pull-up assistance will like the 150-pound option here.
  • Advanced lifters who want to utilize lighter bands for more challenge will appreciate the five- to 15-pound option.
  • Athletes who want to follow guided classes can opt for the $5.99/month or $19.99/month digital TRX Training Club membership to complement their band purchase. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy TRX Strength Bands

  • Experienced lifters who may want bands that add more than 150 pounds of resistance to use during lifts like bench, squat, or deadlift
  • Folks who are allergic to latex will want to find a different option. 
  • People who prefer to purchase their bands in pairs. These come with one of each included band per set.

These bands are especially great for those who want to pair their bands with a live or on-demand class from the TRX Training Club to help kick off their fitness journey. Just note, this membership will cost an additional fee (either $5.99 per month or $19.99 per month depending on the access you want). 

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Best Heavy Duty Pull-Up Bands

If you’re using a resistance band daily for everything from warming up and stretching to assisted pull-ups and banded squats, then you want something that can stand up to the repeated stretching. These bands have been around for a while and are used in countless gyms around the world, holding steadfast and making them our favorite heavy-duty pull-up bands.

Rogue Monster Bands Pull-Up Package 

For heavy lifters who may want heavier resistance to match, and elite athletes who want lighter assistance on pull-ups, this package can be a great option. You’ll find these exact bands employed at powerlifting and Westside-style lifting gyms all over the place and those folks work them hard. The thickest band measures four inches across — thicker than any other band on this list — and provides a hearty 200 pounds of resistance. This package includes eight bands that range from 15 to 200 pounds.

Rogue Monster Bands Pull-Up Package
Rogue Monster Bands Pull-Up Package
Rogue Monster Bands Pull-Up Package

These looped bands come in eight different resistance levels for warming up, full-body workouts, and to add to your barbell lifts for accommodating resistance.

Each band is 41 inches in length, and if you don’t want the full package, you can also buy these individually or in pairs — however, that isn’t as great a deal as this bundle. It is worth noting that these are made of natural latex rubber though for those who may be allergic to latex.

Who Should Buy Rogue Monster Bands Pull-Up Package

  • Athletes who want thick bands that offer up to 200 pounds of resistance will like that this package includes those. 
  • If you want a range of sizes that can offer lighter pull-up assistance as well, you can find that here. 
  • Customers who are looking to knock out multiple band purchases in one go will like the savings here when you buy this bundle. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy Rogue Monster Bands Pull-Up Package

  • If you just want one or two bands, you can find cheaper options on the market. 
  • For those allergic to latex, you can find options out there that are latex-free. 
  • People who want to purchase pairs of bands will have to purchase two sets of bands as only one of each resistance comes per package.

This package can be ideal for elite athletes who want light pull-up assistance but heavily weighted resistance. For those who want heavy-duty bands, the 200 pounds here is one of the best options out there. These are tried and true in powerlifting gyms around the world, so you know they’re made to last as well.

How We Chose the Best Pull-Up Assist Bands

Resistance bands may all seem very similar on the surface, and for the most part, they are, but some are better suited to serve as assistance pieces for pull-ups. We took the resistance range into account heavily. Other factors we weighed were the ease of travel since you’ll likely be taking them to and from the gym with you in your gym bag. We also considered how well the bands hold their elasticity over time.

Resistance Range

Depending on the needs of an athlete, the amount of resistance (or assistance) can vary. Beginner athletes learning the correct form for pull-ups may need a band that can offset more of their bodyweight, so the pull-ups aren’t as difficult starting out. As an athlete gets stronger, less assistance is needed, and most band sets include bands that meet or go below five pounds of resistance. If you can only purchase a small range of resistances for a given set of bands, then they won’t rank as highly on our list. We’re only looking for bands that cover a wide range of resistances to allow smaller jumps and smoother progress.

Ease of Travel

Traveling smoothly is not necessarily a needed attribute for those with home gyms, but for those without, being able to travel to and from the gym, or from hotel to hotel easily is important. Many sets prioritize being easy to transport by utilizing lightweight bands, travel bags, or tight packaging of the bands when rolled up. If you are a traveling athlete, be on the lookout for pull-up assist bands that place easy travel at the forefront of their messaging as it is usually highlighted by the seller. We’ve included a great travel option on this list, and many of the other options here are also compact enough to travel with.


A pull-up band’s elasticity is going to be indicative of its durability. Better elasticity means the band is less likely to snap or tear over time. Usually, bands that offer more resistance are also thicker than bands that offer less resistance. Maintaining elasticity despite the increased thickness is very important to ensure safety. If a band snaps during an exercise, it can leave a bad welt on the athlete or cause serious injury in some cases, so this consideration is quite important.

Most assist bands are made of rubber and are long enough to avoid accidents. However, knowing how much tension a band can withstand is important, especially for taller athletes or athletes with longer wingspans where the bands will have to naturally stretch farther. If a band has a reputation to fail prematurely or is made with low-quality materials, then we won’t be highlighting it on our lists. Even if the band is made well, if it doesn’t hold its elasticity under repeated use, then it won’t rank well on our list. 

How Much Do Pull-Up Assist Bands Cost?

Pull-up assist bands are cost-effective given their versatility. Not only can the bands be used for assisting with pull-ups, but they can assist with dips, push-ups, and many other bodyweight exercises. You can also use the bands for stretching and warming up or for accommodating resistance training.

Best Pull-Up Bands Overall Rep Fitness Pull-Up Bands $9.99 through $34.99 individually or $69.99 for a set
Best Pull-Up Bands Bundle Rogue Monster Bands Pull-Up Package $75 of $80 depending on the package you select
Best Pull-Up Bands for Travel CANWAY Pull-UP Bands $35.99 for a set of four varying assistance bands
Best Pull-Up Bands for Advanced Athletes Rogue Monster Bands Pull-Up Package $75 of $80 depending on the package you select
Best Pull-Up Bands for Beginners TRX Strength Bands $14.95 through $54.95 individually or $138.95 for a set
Best Heavy Duty Pull-Up Bands Rogue Monster Bands Pull-Up Package $75 of $80 depending on the package you select

Generally, individual bands are somewhere between $15 and $60, depending on the band’s thickness and resistance. Sets of bands will run on the order of $60 to $150 based on what’s included in the set. Compared to other pieces of assistance gear, which can cost several hundred dollars, pull-up assist bands are a steal — especially when you consider their functionality.

What to Consider Before Buying Pull-Up Assist Bands

As with any piece of assistance gear, you want to ensure that your pull-up assist bands can support your efforts for the long haul. That’s why there are a few key factors to consider before finalizing your order. We recommend thinking about the resistance range that is available, the price you’re paying for the quality of the band you’re receiving, and the durability of the product over time.

Resistance Available

The range of resistance that your pull-up assist bands can perform is one of the most important considerations in making your purchase. Bands with a limited range or only a few resistance tiers may not be quite as useful as those with a wide range of tiers to progress through.

People performing banded pull-ups
Image via Shutterstock / Ground Picture

If you employ a periodized approach to your training or are aiming to work through progressing from assisted to unassisted pull-ups, then having a broad assistance range to select from is paramount. This allows you to make more incremental changes with more steady progress.


Factoring the price in can be an odd factor because on one hand, we want these assistance bands to be high-quality, and usually you’ll have to pay more for that. On the other hand, these bands are meant to be progressed through, and once you’re strong enough to move past a certain band, then that tier of resistance won’t have as much use so it may collect some dust — unless you utilize it for other purposes or warming up. Somewhere in the middle of the road is likely the best solution here where you don’t spend more for a marginally superior product, but don’t skimp and pick up a set of bands that are subpar. Any of the bands on this list are great choices for hitting that sweet spot. 


Depending on where you’re at in your pull-up journey, you may need to consider the durability of the bands more heavily than others. Someone who needs a bit of assistance to rep out pull-ups will have a different durability need than someone who can’t perform an unassisted pull-up hang.

Woman performing a banded pull-up
Image via Shutterstock / Paul Biryukov

This need for special attention to durability is due to the extra use and longer-term use that the bands will be used for in the latter scenario. The last thing you’ll want is to have to order bands again after a few sessions if the elastic wears out.

Pull-Up Assist Band Benefits

Pull-ups are one of the best upper body building exercises out there, and they don’t necessarily always need to be full bodyweight pull-ups to achieve the benefits they offer. Here are some reasons why having pull-up assist bands in your equipment arsenal is beneficial:

  • Training routines that call for higher volume work with lighter weight pull-ups.
  • Pull-up assist bands will help athletes continue to perform pull-ups without having to concede proper form when fatigue sets in.
  • Performing pull-up drop sets (every set gets progressively lighter) is possible with assist bands.
  • Assist bands are excellent when performing compound sets or supersetting pull-ups with other exercises.

Using assist bands to learn or correct pull-up form will help build strength in the long term. Pull-up assist bands can provide some extra mileage for athletes who are able to get creative with them by incorporating supersets, drop sets, or grip variations. Ultimately, pull-up assist bands are a helpful addition to your equipment bag.

Final Word

We all need a little pick-me-up once in a while and sometimes we need some extra assistance to achieve our pull-up goals. If you’re unable to perform multiple reps, then doing sets of one and negative reps — focusing on the eccentric portion of a lift — can be helpful. Using a simple pull-up assist band to improve the number of reps you can do will likely be much more beneficial though, as it allows you more time to learn the movement pattern properly and causes your muscles to work in both concentric and eccentric directions. 

Thanks to being compact and portable, not to mention relatively inexpensive, pull-up assist bands are easy to toss in your gym bag and pull out when you’re ready to pull yourself up. Even when you’re strong enough to not need an assistance band for cranking out reps on the pull-up bar, the bands are still useful in other ways, such as for stretching, warming up, and overloading specific sticking points of your lifts to improve them.


What is the best pull-up assist band on the market?

The best pull-up assist band depends on your goals and needs, but our favorite is the REP Fitness pull-up bands. They’re durable, come in a wide range of resistances, and are priced fairly.

How much do pull-up assist bands cost?

The price for individual bands ranges from around $15 to $60, depending on the resistance level you select. Sets are more expensive, but cheaper per band than buying individual bands with a range from around $60 to $150 — once again dependent on what resistances are included in the package or set.

How can I tell it's time to move to the next band?

Only move on when you’re ready and confident you can complete the next set at the prescribed amount of reps. For example, if your program calls for sets of 12 on the pull-up bar and you can only perform seven or eight with the next resistance down it may not be time to move on yet.  Program a few extra sets with the stronger band and work through that until you can reach the prescribed. Conversely, if you can crank out 15 reps with a strong band and your program only calls for 8 reps then it’s time to move on.