REP Bumper Plates Review

Learn how these bumper plates can help increase your lifting capacity.

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Bumper plates — like the REP Fitness Bumper Plates — offer a ton of versatility, and can be used in tandem with your barbell for lifts, like bench pressesfront squatsback squatsdeadlifts, and power cleans, among various other barbell exercises. They can also be used for standalone exercises, like front shoulder raises, squat presses, overhead presses, and even core exercises, like the Russian twistBumper plates are different from traditional weight plates, as they are coated in rubber to increase the lifespan of your barbell, while also decreasing the noise that occurs when the bar is dropped and the chances of damaging your floors.

The REP Fitness Bumper Plates offer this decrease in noise and floor damage, as well as durability you may not find with some cheaper brands. These plates range from five to 45 pounds — this range is standard and offers versatility, as they can be stacked together on a barbell for Olympic lifts, or held alone for exercises like front shoulder raises. If you are someone who is looking to fill out their home gym with a durable set of black bumper plates that won’t ruin your space, these could be a great option for you.

Main Takeaways

  • These bumper plates come in pairs (from five to 45 pounds), as well as bundles. Bundles range from 160 pounds to 340 pounds.
  • The 10-pound plates come thicker than normal, which can help prevent them from bending when dropped. The 45-pound plates come thinner than usual, which allows you more room to load the barbell for heavier lifts.
  • Thanks to the rubber coating that offers more durability, these bumper plates are ideal for Olympic lifts. If dropped from overhead or at shoulder height, the rubber can protect the barbell, the floor, and any surrounding equipment from harm.
REP Fitness Black Bumper Plates
REP Fitness Black Bumper Plates
REP Fitness Black Bumper Plates

These durable black bumper plates have steel inserts and low-bounce virgin rubber that may help reduce noise when dropped. They're ideal for traditional lifts, cross-training, and even Olympic Lifts.

REP Fitness Bumper Plates Video Review

Watch as our reviews writer, Jake, tests the REP Fitness Bumper Plates for himself. Tag along as he talks through the build of these plates, as well as some of the pros and cons they offer for different athletes.

REP Fitness Bumper Plates Highlights

While lifting weights at home is very convenient, dropping a heavy weight at home could potentially damage your floors, and create unwanted noise for your neighbors. REP Fitness crafted their black bumper plates with steel inserts to accommodate cross-trainingHIIT workouts, and Olympic workouts, as well as powerlifts. The 10-pound plates are one inch thick — typically plates of this weight are around 0.8 of an inch thick. This thicker build can help decrease the chances of the bumper plates “tacoing” if they aren’t dropped straight down.

REP Black Bumper Plates Rubber Coat
REP Black Bumper Plates Rubber Coat

The plates are also wrapped in low-bounce virgin rubber to ensure they are relatively quiet when they are dropped. On the flip side, the 45-pound plates come thinner than some of their competition at 2.8 inches thick, allowing more space for you to load up the bar with as much weight as you can manage (as you look to find your one rep max). Since bumper plates don’t usually feature any type of handle, they might not be ideal for those who want a place to grip. If you would like to implement plate shoulder raises or an overhead press, you may find these more difficult to use than a pair of plates with handles.

Who Should Buy REP Fitness Bumper Plates

  • Anyone who wants the option to buy single pairs of plates or full bundles of plates will appreciate the buying choices here. 
  • Customers looking for a weight plate that is long-lasting and won’t bend if dropped. The steel inserts and low-bounce virgin rubber help with these plates’ durability.
  • Those CrossFitters and Olympic lifters will enjoy these weights —the rubber can help the plates hold up to drops from your shoulders or above. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy REP Fitness Bumper Plates

  • Athletes who want a weighted plate that features a handle.
  • Anyone who is on a tight budget may want to look elsewhere. You are paying for the durability here, so if you don’t use weight plates that often, opting for something cheaper (and potentially less durable) may be better for you. 
  • Though the 45-pound plates’ thin build is nice in terms of loading up the bar, they may not be as durable in the long run as a pair that is a bit thicker.


You can buy these black bumper plates in pairs: A 10-pound pair will cost you around $70 while a 45-pound pair is listed at around $210. You can also buy them in sets, which can be more cost-efficient. If you are a beginner then you may find that the 160-pound set is the one for you — this package will cost you about $370. Powerlifters may need to snag the 340-pound set, which is priced at around $750. 

REP Black Bumper Plates on Barbell
REP Black Bumper Plates on Barbell

Generally, bumper plates tend to be more expensive than traditional weight plates (this is due to their rubber coating that is meant to increase the lifespan of the plates). These black bumper plates offer great value as they fall in the middle of the price range compared to the rest of the market and are durable enough to last you over 10 years, which may make the price tag worth it, in our opinion.

Overall Build and Quality

These black bumper plates are built of steel, and their design ensures they won’t bend if you drop them to the floor. The rubber coating is designed to absorb the shock that occurs when dropping a loaded barbell, while also decreasing the chances of harming your floor and the noise when these plates are dropped. Oftentimes, bumper plates feature iron inserts, which will generally cost you less, but may not be as durable — these plates feature steel inserts, which could last you over 10 years, as long as you care for them properly. 


When it comes to bumper plates, there aren’t many bells and whistles. However, that doesn’t mean these REP Bumper Plates are low quality. The five- to 45-pound weight options are fairly standard, and the five-pound option is a nice way to help you add on a small amount of extra weight to progress your lifts. The extra thick 10-pound plates shouldn’t bend when you drop them, while the thinner than normal 45-pound plates give you some extra space to load up your barbell

Weight Options

Pairs of these bumper plates range from five to 45 pounds, and there are various packages for you to choose from, as well, depending on your strength. When deciding which bundle is best for you, you can choose between seven different options that range from 160 pounds to 340 pounds. The packages consist of various bumper plates that are specific to each bundle.

45-pound REP Black Bumper Plates
45-pound REP Black Bumper Plates

If you were to go with the heaviest option of 370 pounds, your purchase would include three pairs of 45-pound plates and two pairs of 25, and 10-pound plates, respectively, while the 160-pound option only comes with one pair of the 45, 25, and 10-pound plates. As you progress and find yourself needing more plates, you can always opt to buy additional pairs.

Weight Plate Design

These plates are crafted with steel inserts and wrapped in a low-bounce virgin rubber. This is a high-quality rubber that adds more support, creating more durability for your plates.

REP Black Bumper Plates Design
REP Black Bumper Plates Design

The 10-pound plate is one inch thick as opposed to the 0.8 thickness that you usually find with this weight (which can help prevent the plates from bending when dropped). On the other hand, the 45-pound plates are thinner than normal at 2.8 inches thick, which may allow you to load more weight on the bar.


These bumper plates are all black in color, which can add a cohesive look to your home gym. REP Fitness does, however, offer a colored option that is a bit more expensive. The colored plates don’t feature anything extra other than the color itself, which can help you easily switch weights. 


These plates feature large lettering that allows you to accurately load your barbell with the weight you want. While many bumper plates come in Olympic colors, the labeling here is a great option if you want plates that are all one color to go with a specific home gym aesthetic.


One thing that may be worrisome for lifters is that these plates do not feature handles. Handles can be a great asset when it comes to loading and unloading a barbell, as well as performing front raises or Russian twists where you need to hold the plate, but the lack of handles is common practice when it comes to bumper plates. 

Product Specs

These black bumper plates are covered in a high-quality low-bounce virgin rubber, decreasing your chances of causing major damage to your barbell and floors if you drop your weights. They also offer a quieter alternative to traditional metal plates. The diameter of these plates is the standard 17.5 inches, while the thickness is dependent on the weight of the plate. 

Weight Plate Type

Since these are bumper plates, they feature a rubber coating that is meant to be quieter and protect your surroundings. This type of weight plate allows you to perform lifts where the bar is repeatedly dropped — plain steel plates aren’t ideal for those lifts because they don’t offer any protection for your equipment or floor. 

Size and Dimensions

These black bumper plates have a standard diameter of 17.5 inches, with a thickness that varies based on weight. Since these plates are identical in terms of their diameter, beginners who are putting lighter weight on for their Olympic lifts can still learn the proper technique.

10-pound REP Black Bumper Plates Thickness
10-pound REP Black Bumper Plates Thickness

The 10-pound weights come thicker than normal — they’re one inch thick, which could help prevent them from folding on you after repeated use. The 15-pound plates are 1.24 inches thick, the 25-pound plates are 1.75 inches thick, and the 35-pound plates are 2.4 inches thick. The 45-pound plates come thinner than normal at 2.83 inches — this allows you to load up either side of your barbell in full for heavier lifts


Warranties vary depending on the weight of the plate. While the five-,10-, and 15-pound plates come with a six-month warranty, everything heavier has a three-year warranty. It’s worth noting that if you mix these bumper plates with other plates that feature a smaller diameter, the warranty becomes void since the REP Fitness plates would take on more of the force (which could decrease the lifespan). 

Places to Buy

You can buy these REP Fitness Bumper Plates through the REP Fitness website, or Amazon Marketplace.

Company Information

Based out of Denver, Colorado — REP Fitness focuses on high-quality equipment at an affordable price. They offer a full refund on their products within the first 30 days of purchase — to find out more information about their policies, you can email [email protected] or call their support number at 720-420-1731.

Final Word

These black bumper plates from REP Fitness offer both durability and versatility for your workouts and are ideal for Olympic lifts. While these plates may not be the cheapest option available on market, the price tag may be worth it in the long run as they feature steel inserts that can last you a solid 10 years.

The extra thick 10-pound plates may have more durability than some pairs of 10-pound plates from competitor brands. And while the 45-pound plates are thinner than normal (which can assist you in loading more weight on the barbell), they may not be as durable as others that are built thicker. If you are someone who is looking to expand their home gym with a full set (or just a few pairs) of black bumper plates that aren’t going to damage your designated space, these may be a good option for you. No matter if you are a beginner or expert, these bumper plates can help transform your workouts, provide versatility in your fitness routine, and last for years to come. 


Why would I want REP Fitness Bumper plates over traditional plates?

These bumper plates offer a few features that can make them superior to traditional weight plates. They are more durable, and the rubber may better protect your surroundings.

What workouts can I do with the REP Fitness Bumper plates?

Aside from your standard bench press, back squat, power clean, and deadlift, bumper plates are a good option for workouts such as squat presses and front shoulder raises. Bumper plates are also specifically used for Olympic lifts as they are built to withstand the repeated drops.

How much do the REP Fitness Bumper Plates cost?

You can purchase these bumper plates in pairs or as a full set. A pair of 10-pound plates will run you around $70, while a 45-pound pair is roughly $210. If you want to get the most out of your purchase, you’re going to be better off going with a full set. The 160-pound set is about $370, and the 340-pound set is priced at about $750. While this might seem expensive, it’s actually pretty average compared to the rest of the market.