Bodybuilder Brandon Curry Walks Away Nearly Unscratched From Terrifying Gym Accident

Watch Brandon Curry pull an entire machine over his head during a training session!

Current Arnold Classic Champion Brandon Curry just walked away nearly unscratched from a terrifying gym accident just about a week out from the 2019 Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas.

Curry was in the gym over the weekend and was using a machine to train overhead tricep extensions, when he accidentally pulled the entire machine on top of himself. Curry could have been badly hurt, however, he shared the video on his Instagram page and he said that he’s in good health besides a couple of small bumps and scratches.

Yesterday I had a scary/ embarrassing moment during training

Yes, just yesterday during my final exercise, I pull a machine over on top of myself. Once the stack got up so high it made the machine too heavy, as I was performing overhead triceps extensions. Thank God I walked away uninjured just a bump and scrap.

Life is uncertain. Things can be going great one second and not so great the other. God is always in control of it all and what can been seen as bad is often for our good. We can’t allow ourselves to get so focus on life we forget about the life giver.

The 2019 Mr. Olympia begins on September 11th and runs through the 15th, so Curry’s accident couldn’t have come at a scarier time during his prep. Curry competes in the heavyweight bodybuilding class and finished in 5th place overall at last year’s Mr. Olympia competition.

This year, he’s been looking strong as ever especially after winning The Arnold Classic in March. The Arnold Classic serves as the opening event for the IFBB Pro League, so this feat was a big win for Curry who had never won the Arnold USA before.

We’re relieved that Curry wasn’t injured, and we’re excited to watch him take the stage in Las Vegas next week.

Featured image from @brandon__curry Instagram page.