See the Photos from Thor Bjornsson’s Wedding This Weekend

World’s Strongest Man™, Game of Thrones actor, and guy who thinks he can probably deadlift 500 kilograms Hafthor Bjornsson has married in his native Iceland. The lucky lady is one Kelsey Henson and we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention what a lot of headlines are focusing on: Bjornsson is 6 feet 9 inches and Henson is 5 feet 2 inches. There has seldom been a bigger height difference between a couple, but hey, they look pretty darn happy.

Looking forward to pulling this big guy around for the rest of my life. ♥️

@thorbjornsson I love you now and forever and promise to stand by your side through all that life throws at us. I love you baby! 👰🏼🤵🏼

In a post on his own Instagram Bjornsson wrote,

It is with great pleasure that I now get to call Kelsey Morgan Henson my wife!❤️ . I get to hold this beautiful woman through thick and thin for the rest of our lives! I’m so excited for all of the future adventures we will tackle side by side

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The two met in Alberta, Canada, where Henson was working as a waitress and Bjornsson was in town for a strongman event. Here’s a photo of that fateful day when she asked him for a photo, which we’re also posting because you can really see the size difference here.

In one of her Instagram posts, someone asked how the two manage to kiss — “Do you jump in his arms every time and wrap your legs around his waist?” — and she just answered,

ahha he bends, I tip toe. Or just say screw it, pick me up!

We hope the two enjoy bending and tiptoeing for each other for the rest of their lives. Congrats, Thor!

Featured image via @thorbjornsson and @kelc33 on Instagram.