WHOOP Named the Official Wearable of CrossFit

Wearable Tech Giant WHOOP and CrossFit have agreed to a multi-year deal.

On March 4, 2021, Boston-based wearable fitness-tracker company WHOOP was named the “Official Wearable” of CrossFit via a multi-year agreement between the two companies. The accessories that WHOOP offers track athletes’ data as it pertains to their training, sleep, and recovery. CrossFit plans to utilize and share that data by integrating it into their “broadcast programming and other digital and on-site channels.”

In the announcement, WHOOP Founder and CEO Will Ahmed said, “CrossFit athletes were some of the earliest WHOOP adopters and have continued to be an integral part of our growing global membership.” That growth has resulted in an additional $100 million raised in October 2020 to bring WHOOP’s valuation to $1.2 billion.

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CrossFit CEO Eric Roza said, “WHOOP helps athletes quantify their own health and performance, so they can use that data to analyze, understand, and improve their personal outcomes. That kind of information is power, and we’re delighted to work together.” 

Roza was the former CEO of data and analytics company Datalogix before acquiring CrossFit. “I’ve always been a data guy, and I’m passionate about the ways that we can use data to improve human health, which is why I’m so excited about this partnership and collaboration between CrossFit and WHOOP.”


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Data Meets Fitness

This new partnership will allow CrossFit to relay “real-time data sharing features like WHOOP Live.” This offers the opportunity for “several co-branded events over the course of the partnership.” CrossFit also intends to “integrate WHOOP insights” for sleep, recovery, and more into the education of affiliate members and trainers alike.

Competitive CrossFit

WHOOP already has pretty deep roots in CrossFit. Many of the competitors at the 2020 CrossFit Games wore WHOOP including two-time Fittest Woman on Earth® Katrin Davídsdóttir, Brooke Wells, Kari Pearce, and Noah Ohlsen. Additionally, former CrossFit Games Team division competitor Christian Harris and four-time Fittest Man on Earth® Rich Froning have also donned a WHOOP strap.

Davídsdóttir, who is sponsored by WHOOP, said: “It’s been incredible to see how much the technology has evolved over that time to keep pace with the changing world of CrossFit and the different training needs of every athlete.”

More About WHOOP

If you’re interested in learning more about WHOOP, you can check out BarBend’s podcast episode, with founder and CEO Will Ahmed. In the episode, Ahmed explains WHOOP’s roots, how it helps track performance, and what he wants athletes to get out of WHOOP.

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