2017 CrossFit® Regionals Event 3 Announced (It’s a Chipper!)

The Regionals workout announcements keep rolling in, courtesy of Dave Castro and his Instagram account.

Castro’s whiteboard video announcement indicated Event 3 will kick off on Saturday. The details are below; note that this is just the third workout for Individual competitors, which doesn’t really clue us in to anything specific for the teams.

CrossFit Regionals Event 3

For time:
​100 foot overhead walking lunge (80 pounds for men/55 pounds for women)
100 double unders
50 wall ball (30 pounds for men/20 pounds for women)
10 rope climbs
50 wall ball
100 double unders
100 foot overhead walking lunge

*the overhead walking lunges are presumably done with dumbbells; if it’s truly one in each hand for the duration of the movement, these are going to be some of the most taxing lunges we’ve ever seen in CrossFit® competition


Earlier this week, Castro began his IG-based announcements with Event 1 and Event 2. Event 3 is a down-and-back style chipper, which we’re used to seeing at least one of in Regional competition.

These events tend to be some of the most difficult for Individual competitors. Castro didn’t say anything about a time cap for this event — or any of the others so far — but the Regional chippers often push even top-level Games athletes to the limit on finishing.

This event demands a unique combination of strength, stamina, and core stability. We’re excited to see how it pushes the top athletes around the globe!

Also, it looks like Castro is announcing these workouts at a pace of 1 or 2 a day, so it’s possible we’ll know the full breakdown of Individual events by the end of this week. The first Regional weekend kicks off May 19th!

Featured image: @thedavecastro on Instagram