2020 New York Pro Bodybuilding Results

The winner now moves on to the 2020 Olympia.

Only in a year that has been turned upside down due to a pandemic, as well as several other issues that has made 2020 a unique year to say the least, would it make sense for a bodybuilding show called “New York Pro” to take place in Tampa, Florida. That is exactly what happened this past weekend. Due to the restrictions put in place by the states of New York and New Jersey, the IFBB Pro League and promoters made the decision jointly to have the show relocated to the Sunshine State. Doing this meant that the competitors had another chance to showcase their physiques and hopefully qualify for the Olympia Weekend this December.

In spite of the uncertainty, the show did in fact take place and winners have been crowned. The main event was the Open bodybuilding. The lineup here brought positive energy to the fans, judges, and media in attendance because of how close everyone was. Even after prejudging, there wasn’t a clear favorite or even a top two established. The top six to eight men in the lineup were that good.

In the finals, a winner was finally determined, and that man is Iain Valliere. The Canadian star had been on the hunt for his first pro win and the stars aligned perfectly. He was the biggest man onstage, his conditioning was improved from his last appearance in the actual Tampa Pro show, and there were no issues with his tanning this time. Now that the hump of getting his first victory is behind him, his focus will be on the Olympia in a few months.

Justin Rodriguez would leave this show as the runner-up. He had put on a great showing himself, but was simply outsized by Valliere. The third-year pro is now the man that fans are anticipating to see on center stage receiving the first place trophy. Third place went to Jon Delarosa, who had made it a career goal to win this show.

4th place finisher Hassan Mustafa shocked the field because his attendance hadn’t been talked about going into the show. He was big and round, but wasn’t as lean as the top 3. Had his skin been a little tighter, he could’ve placed higher. Rounding out the top 5 was Maxx Charles, who was working with coach Milos Sarcev. Some of the fans that were allowed to attend and analysts that were watching thought he should’ve placed higher. His placing was among the most controversial.
212 Division

The 212 lineup was a sneaky good group. The win appeared to be between Bo Lewis and Jason Lowe. When the final poses were complete, it would be Lewis to take the win and earn the 212 Olympia qualification. Rounding out the top five were Lowe in 2nd, Errol Moore in 3rd, Adam Young in 4th, and Derik Oslan in 5th.

Other Division Winners

All of the competitions that took place were entertaining and the winners had to earn their trophies. Lineups with no clear favorites always garner more appreciation from the fans. The other division winners are listed below. All champions are qualified to compete at the 2020 Olympia in Las Vegas, Nevada this December.

Classic Physique – Logan Franklin
Men’s Physique – Arya Saffaie
Women’s Bodybuilding – Mayla Ash
Women’s Physique – Rachel Jennifer Daniels
Figure – Nicole Graham
Bikini – Atilla Santos

Featured Image: Instagram/mrolympiallc