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2022 CrossFit Games Day One Results — Garard and O’Brien Lead

Tia-Clair Toomey sits in eighth overall at the end of Day One in Madison.

Day One of the 2022 CrossFit Games is in the books, and it was filled with drama and several surprising results. The schedule initially had four events scheduled for Individual athletes, but only three of them took place. Event Two — the outdoor “Shuttle to Overhead” — was postponed due to rain. It will take place on Aug. 4, 2022, a previously-scheduled rest day.

In addition, Emily Rolfe withdrew from the competition for an undisclosed reason after Event One, leaving only 39 women to vie for the title of Fittest on Earth®, including the reigning champion, Tia-Clair Toomey.


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[2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games Results and Leaderboard] 

Speaking of Toomey, she had an unexpectedly difficult day overall, slipping in the jump rope section of Event Three and losing a lead in Event Four to ultimately fall to eighth place in the overall standings. Two teens are atop the Women’s leaderboard — 2021 Rookie of the Year Mal O’Brien is in the overall lead, 27 points ahead of Emma Lawson in her Elite Individual division debut at the Games.

Reigning Fittest Man on Earth® Justin Medeiros sits in second overall at the end of Day One behind Ricky Gerard, who won Event One in, arguably, one of the strangest finishes in Games history. Check out the full Day One recap below.

2022 NOBULL CrossFit GamesLeaderboard

Rank Country Name Points
1 Haley Adams 8.413221840855E+29
2 Tia-Clair Toomey 6.4964076949197E+29
3 Laura Horvath 8.8100100947694E+28
4 Danielle Brandon 8.0164958916727E+28
5 Gabriela Migala 7.6848430854913E+28
6 Alexis Raptis 6.031802452701E+28
7 Ellie Turner 4.3498882100552E+28
8 Arielle Loewen 2.8346426288274E+28
9 Mallory O'Brien 9.2563734977659E+27
10 Jacqueline Dahlstrom 7.2463497493611E+27
11 Karin Freyova 6.837927943434E+27
12 Brooke Wells 5.2924685617367E+27
13 Emma Lawson 4.9281916735877E+27
14 Alex Willis 3.7762855323479E+27
15 Dani Speegle 3.1729610064389E+27
16 Kristi Eramo O'Connell 2.2401046344656E+27
17 Lucy Campbell 1.0045232461007E+27
18 Kara Saunders 9.6686852888853E+26
19 Paige Powers 5.6191312556185E+26
20 Thuridur Erla Helgadottir 4.2231282628645E+26
21 Matilde Garnes 4.0254349167968E+26
22 Emma McQuaid 3.4647670182695E+26
23 Seungyeon Choi 1.9605636821882E+26
24 Paige Semenza 1.6431673792288E+26
25 Amanda Barnhart 1.0887291709725E+26
26 Baylee Rayl 7.1041438304679E+25
27 Carolyne Prevost 4.6527225816284E+25
28 Christine Kolenbrander 2.5802543672436E+25
29 Seher Kaya 1.3760201264319E+24
30 Freya Moosbrugger 6.124522026263E+21
31 Rebecca Fuselier 4.114610344641E+21
32 Solveig Sigurdardottir 6.7303238838261E+20
33 Caroline Conners 4.0148911216242E+20
34 Sydney Michalyshen 8.836401822364E+19
35 Elisa Fuliano 8.2242210122035E+19
36 Victoria Campos 3.8102061402282E+19
37 Elena Carratala Sanahuja 1.0201230241039E+19
38 Michelle Merand 6.4814141420426E+18
39 Julia Kato 6.4643230618103E+18
40 Emily Rolfe 61

2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games Day One Team Overall Leaderboard 

  1. CrossFit Mayhem Freedom — 194 points
  2. CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue  — 179 points
  3. CrossFit Mayhem Independence — 179 points
  4. CrossFit Invictus — 170 points
  5. CrossFit Omnia Black — 152 points

Day One Individual Events

Day One did not go as expected on so many levels. Whether it was the thunderstorm or miscounted laps — or Tia-Clair Toomey’s lack of leader jersey — the first day of the 2022 Games were as full of twists and turns as they were incredible feats of endurance.

Event One — “Bike to Work”

For time:

Time cap: 50 minutes


  1. Haley Adams — 38:23.74
  2. Tia-Clair Toomey — 38:26.64
  3. Emma Lawson — 38.30.48
  4. Alexis Raptis — 39.01.04
  5. Laura Horvath — 39.01.25
  6. Mal O’Brien — 39.06.04
  7. Matilde Garnes — 39.07.12
  8. Lucy Campbell — 39.43.56
  9. Kara Saunders — 39.59.64
  10. Emma McQuaid — 40:19.55


  1. Ricky Garard — 36:47.61
  2. Jonne Koski — 36:49.34
  3. Justin Medeiros — 36:53.65
  4. Jeffrey Adler — 37:06.17
  5. Spencer Panchik — 37:17.00
  6. Roman Khrennikov — 37:18.52
  7. Björgvin Karl Gudmundsson — 37:24.35
  8. Willy Georges — 37:25.29
  9. Moritz Fiebig — 37:29.71
  10. Lazar Đukić — 37:48.00

Throughout the first half of this event for the women, it appeared as though Horvath was going to run…er…bike away with an easy event win. She broke out to a massive lead in the first few laps that set the rest of the field nearly a minute behind her pace.

However, Horvath’s lead was wiped away during the chest-to-bar pull-ups as the stamina of Toomey and Adams shot them to the front of the field. As is often the case in endurance events, Adams excelled and left a wide gap between her and the reigning champ. Toomey made it a tighter finish than expected in the final sprint to the finish line, but Adams crossed it first to score the first Games event win of her career.

The Men’s heat was a mish-mash of confusion after what started as a very strategic approach by the event leaders. Đukić, Medeiros, and Koski led the field halfway through the first bike ride, and took turns in the lead to let the others draft behind them, effectively making the ride easier.

Following the chest-to-bar pull-ups, Koski launched into the lead and it looked like the opening of the 2022 Games was going to mirror the year prior with an Event One win for Koski by a wide margin. Koski even reentered the larger group during the second bike ride because he lapped the field.

What seemed like a Koski blowout was disrupted, though, as Panchik and Đukić re-entered the arena and sprinted toward the finish line. Something was amiss as Koski was the leader and was still on the course. As it turns out, Panchik and Đukić only completed four of the requisite five laps and received penalties that pushed them down the leaderboard, albeit to respectable finishes.

In yet another twist, in the final sprint, Garard made up the large lead Koski established and outraced Koski across the field to the finish line. Despite the chaos, Garard kicked off his Games return with a bang, ending at the top of the leaderboard.

Event Two — “Shuttle to Overhead”

This event was postponed due to weather. It will take place on Thursday, Aug. 4, 2022.

Event Three — “Skill Speed Medley”

Three rounds of races through pegboards, jump ropes, pistol squats, and handstand walks:

Quarterfinal Round:

  • Pegboard Ascents — Men: three ascents | Women: two ascents
  • 75 Unbroken Single-Unders
  • 10 Unbroken Pistol Squats (Left)
  • 10 Unbroken Pistol Squats (Right)
  • Handstand Walk Course

Semifinal Round:

  • Strict Pegboard Ascents — Men: two ascents | Women: one ascent
  • 50 Unbroken Double-Unders
  • 10 Unbroken Pistol Squats (Left)
  • 10 Unbroken Pistol Squats (Right)
  • Handstand Walk Course (Pirouette Start)

Final Round:

  • One Strict Pegboard Ascents
  • 25 Double-Unders Cross Overs
  • 10 Unbroken Pistol Squats (Left)
  • 10 Unbroken Pistol Squats (Right)
  • Handstand Walk Course (Low Start)


  1. Danielle Brandon
  2. Rebecca Fuselier
  3. Emma Lawson
  4. Elisa Fuliano
  5. Mal O’Brien
  6. Jacqueline Dahlstrøm
  7. Arielle Loewen
  8. Thuridur Erla Helgadottir
  9. Haley Adams
  10. Kristi Eramo O’Connell


  1. Nick Mathew
  2. Guilherme Malheiros
  3. Justin Medeiros
  4. Pat Vellner
  5. Ricky Garard
  6. Will Moorad
  7. Jonne Koski
  8. Lazar Dukic
  9. Roman Khrennikov
  10. Austin Spencer

This event consisted of three rounds with the each division cutting in half after the first round, and again down to five athletes in the final round. Event Three marked the first dent in Toomey’s armor, as she stumbled in the first section with the jump rope. It came with a heavy punishment, as athletes who failed to perform all reps unbroken had to start the entire section over.

Toomey’s time after making it through her heat was not enough to advance to the second round, resulting in the second-worst event finish of Toomey’s career.

The unique programming of double-under crossovers caused a lot of trouble for the majority of the field. It was apparent that it was a very technical movement that was tough to learn under the pressure of a ticking clock and a large crowd. It resulted in none of the women finishing the final round within the time cap. Brandon went the furthest distance in the shortest time to win first-place points.

Nick Mathew was real the story coming out of this event, as he was the first athlete to solve the enigma that was the double-under crossovers and crossed the finish line to claim his first event win at the Games.

Malheiros and Medeiros also got through the double-under crossovers, but the handstand walk kept Medeiros from crossing the finish line. While 10 athletes in total competed in the final round, only two made it across the finish line.

Event Four — “Elizabeth Elevated”

21-15-9-9-9 reps for time of:

  • Squat Cleans
  • Dips with Parallel Bar Traverses

Women: 95-pound cleans | Men: 135-pound cleans


  1. Arielle Loewen — 10:17.06
  2. Kara Saunders — 10:31.72
  3. Mal O’Brien — 10:33.77
  4. Kristi Eramo O’Connell — 10:37.31
  5. Emma McQuaid — 10:42.96
  6. Danielle Brandon — 10:48.71
  7. Dani Speegle — 11:03.74
  8. Baylee Rayl — 11:14.72
  9. Tia-Clair Toomey — 11:22.64
  10. Christine Kolenbrander — 11:37.19


  1. Pat Vellner — 8:42.16
  2. Björgvin Karl Gudmundsson — 9:20.11
  3. Colten Mertens — 9:24.49
  4. Noah Ohlsen — 9:39.12
  5. Uldis Upenieks — 9:46.81
  6. Cole Greashaber — 9:48.01
  7. Ricky Garard — 9:49.82
  8. Lazar Đukić — 9:57.34
  9. Nick Mathew — 9:58.84
  10. Enrico Zenoni — Cap + two

In the final event of the day, it looked like Toomey was back on track as she got out to an early lead. She bested her way through the squat cleans, but the dips on the parallel bars took a larger toll than expected and Toomey seemed to gas out by the latter rounds.

O’Brien and Loewen took advantage of Toomey’s lag towards the end. Loewen converted the first event win of her Games career and O’Brien locked in the overall lead at the end of the first day. Saunders was in an earlier heat, but blitzed the course, posting the second-fastest time in the women’s division.

On the men’s side, it initially appeared that Mertens could maintain his pace long enough to win the event, given how difficult the event ultimately turned out to be. However, he was bested by Gudmundsson, who crossed the finish line four minutes faster. Gudmundsson’s time would have secured the win if Pat Vellner didn’t put on one of the most impressive performances of the Games thus far.

Vellner was the only man to finish under nine minutes and got to showboat to the crowd at the end of his run as he was so much further ahead of Gudmundsson’s time. This win for Vellner helped balance out a lackluster Event One performance and place him in third position overall.


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Day One Team Events

Day One was supposed to see the Teams work their way through three events, but the weather delays forced Events Two and Three to spill over into Day Two, initially a rest day for both Individuals and Teams.

Event One — “Biker Bob”

  1. CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue — 24:25.80
  2. CrossFit Mayhem Freedom — 24:37.81
  3. CrossFit Mayhem Independence — 24:37.87
  4. CrossFit Portii — 25:01.19
  5. CrossFit Invictus — 25:09.67

Event Four — “Pegs and P-Bars”

  1. 8th Day CrossFit Black — 9:28.04
  2. CrossFit Mayhem Freedom — 9:29.34
  3. CrossFit Move Fast Lift Heavy — 9:36.97
  4. CrossFit Taranis Lifetree — Cap + two
  5. Ab CrossFit — Cap + three

Featured Image: William Johnson (@barbellstories on Instagram)