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Hollow Hold Lat Pulldown

Keep Pulling Without a Pull-Up Bar

When it comes to training with minimal or no equipment, there are undoubtedly more pushing than pulling options: push-ups, handstand push-ups, burpees, bench or chair dips, dumbbell bench press or floor press, dumbbell

pistol squat

7 Tips For Maintaining Muscle Mass Without the Gym

If you heard “shelter in place” and immediately translated it into “no gym,” you’re not alone. Strength athletes of all kinds are trying to adapt to being socially distanced from lifting communities and

Joe Yoon BarBend Podcast

Joe Yoon: Better Stretching and Mobility (Podcast)

Joe Yoon, probably better known as “Joe Therapy” through his massive social media following, is a trainer and massage therapist who’s one of the fitness industry’s most visible personalities when it comes to