Charlie Yeng Deadlifts Unofficial World Record 275.5kg/607lbs

The 2019 USAPL Raw Nationals Champ at -59kg has upped the ante.

At just 22 years old, Charlie Yeng has already risen to the highest tier of competition in the -59kg weight class, where he has spent his entire 4 year career thus far. He has competed in eleven sanctioned events of which he has won seven. He has never missed the podium.

His competition best deadlift is a 267.5kg/589.7lb at the 2019 USA Powerlifting (USAPL) Raw Nationals — which he won. That lift is currently the third heaviest ever in the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) at -59kg. The two deadlifts heavier than it are 275kg/606.2 by two different athletes — Sergey Fedosienko of Russia, who has deadlifted 4.6 times his bodyweight in competition, and Derek Ng of Canada at the 2020 Russian Powerlifting Federation (FPR) Russian Classic Powerlifting Championships and the 2019 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships, respectively.

Yesterday, Yeng took to his Instagram page to share that he is coming for that number one spot when he pulled a 275.5kg/607lb deadlift, setting an unofficial world record by half a kilogram. If you have not seen it yet, check it out below:

Note: the lift was raw while wearing a mask.


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Yeng did not post his bodyweight at the time of the lift so it is not clear if he was under -59kg. However, the lift was as smooth as they come and it is 4.7 times his competition bodyweight.  Yeng has his sights set on lifting at least that heavy when the opportunity to compete on the world stage is available again.

All that’s left is to do is execute this on the platform.

Yeng’s most notable win on his resume is the 2019 USAPL Raw Nationals secured with the best total of his career — 615kg/1,355.8lb. You can check out his entire performance below from Strength Central’s YouTube channel:


Who is Charlie Yeng?

Charlie Yeng is an accomplished powerlifter who competes in the -59kg weight class. He was the 2019 USAPL Raw Nationals champion with a 615kg/1,355.8lb total.

What's the -59kg world record deadlift?

The current IPF world record deadlift in the -59kg weight class is 275kg/606.2lb. It is shared by Sergey Fedosienko and Derek Ng.

Feature image from Charlie Yeng’s Instagram page: @_charlieyeng_