Here’s What’s In Derek Lunsford’s Grocery Cart

The 212 Olympia champion shares what he pulls off the grocery store shelves to fuel his champion physique.

When an Olympia champion ventures to the grocery store with the camera on, it would be wise for those who awe at their physique to pay attention to what goes in their shopping cart. Reigning 212 Olympia champ Derek Lunsford did that on June 11, 2022, when he darted to his local Sam’s Club for the goods that would fill his fridge and fuel his physique.

Check out what comprises Lunsford’s shopping haul in the video below, courtesy of his YouTube page. In addition to food and provisions, Lunsford also picks up some items that make sense for the lifestyle of someone with as muscular a stature as his, such as using large beach towels as routine bathing towels. Check out the journey:

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While they did not make it into his cart, Lunsford shares his affinity for breakfast corn dogs with his cameraman while standing in the frozen food section. While the fantasy of those junk food flavors crisscross the tastebuds of his mind’s eye, Lunsford displays discipline and staves off the temptation of the frozen food calorie bombs and family-sized bags of baking chocolate chips:

I don’t want to feel like garbage.

The first food item to make its way into Lunsford’s shopping cart is pasture-raised eggs — a jumbo carton of 18. The 212 Olympia champion also stocks up on a gigantic box of egg whites and shares how this routine of stockpiling food was commonplace before his sponsors provided him with meals and food.

We’d stock up, like seven packages of chicken, it was crazy. We’d load this whole cart up.

A pair of almond milk cartons and a trio of apple chicken sausage packages found their way into the cart next. Lunsford is quick to point out that each sausage has only nine grams of fat — he’s a bodybuilder who knows a thing or two about managing macros.


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The debate between walnuts, cashews, and almonds between Lunsford and his cameraman was contested for a bit, but ultimately a giant pack of sea-salted almonds got the nod and was dropped into the cart. A few packages of chicken, shampoo, and three-blade razers closed out the shopping spree. Noticeably absent from Lunsford’s shopping spree was acquiring any vegetables to pair with those proteins. He mentioned that this was a mini-shopping haul as his sponsor, ICON Meals, provides much of what he needs.

2022 Olympia

Lunsford aims to defend his 212 Olympia title in Las Vegas, NV, during the 2022 Olympia weekend scheduled for Dec. 16-18, 2022. He will likely contend against former 212 Olympia champ Shaun Clarida, assuming Clarida doesn’t opt to compete in the Men’s Open division. Lunsford will also battle against another former 212 Olympia champion, Kamal Elgargni. All three men have lifetime invites to the 212 Olympia contest as reigning or former winners of the contest. We’ll see if Lunsford’s choices in the grocery store ultimately translate to improvements in his training and recovery that can convert into a successful title defense.

Featured image: @dereklunsford_ on Instagram