Eddie Hall Announces Retirement from World’s Strongest Man; Hafthor Bjornsson Questions Press Score

Though contractual obligations with organizers prevent competitors from announcing results at this point, Eddie Hall has announced his retirement from World’s Strongest Man competition via Instagram. From Hall:

I can’t say how I’ve done at wsm but I can say I’m now retired from wsm! I’ll still be on the British scene for many years to come and I thank all my fans and sponsors and my family and friends to the moon and back.
Massive thanks to my wife who I dearly love and ow a lot of my success to her.
Also my manager Mo Chaudry not only changed my life for the better but one of my best friends.
Big Love
The Beast

The 29-year-old Hall won the 2017 World’s Strongest Man contest β€” his second podium finish at the competition, and first win β€” on May 28th in Botswana.Β Hall has previously said he planned to retire from the WSM competition following a win, citing reasons from health and longevity to spending more time with his family.

Second place finisher Hafthor Bjornsson also took to social media following the competition and expressed frustration with judging in the Viking Press event; Bjornsson’s quote and accompanying video excerpt are embedded below:

Really proud of my effort in the Viking Press at The Worlds Strongest Man. I completed 15 reps but the referee took the last rep away from me. They say I double dipped. This would have been equal first place with Eddie Hall, which would have scored me one point higher. I know it’s only one point, but sometimes one point can change the game completely. Strongman fans out there what do you think? πŸ€”

Four-time World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw finished in third place in this year’s event and has not gone on record regarding his near-term plans in the sport.

It remains to be seen if Eddie “The Beast” Hall really and truly steps back from the WSM stage for good, but he’s already left an unforgettable mark on the competition for fans and his fellow competitors alike.

Featured image: @eddie_hall_strong on Instagram