Watch 19 Year Old Powerlifter Enahoro Asein Deadlift 716lbs

Check out Enahoro Asein pull nearly four times his bodyweight!

Powerlifter Enahoro “Rocket Man” Asein of Nigeria is making a name for himself with some extremely impressive lifts despite only being 19 years old.

He recently shared a massive pull of 325kg (716lbs) raw at -83kg (183lbs), which is nearly four times his bodyweight, on his Instagram page while training in Budapest. Check out his personal record lift for yourself:

Asein seems to be his own strongest critic (no pun intended). Lifting four times bodyweight is no small task, but when a follower on his Instagram page commented on this lift with praise saying, “This is really strong”, Asein responded, “Could be stronger.” With a mentality like that after hitting a new PR and his training supplying consistently heavier and heavier lifts, there is very little reason to doubt Asein will continue to pull massive weight and claim a spot on future podiums.

He did just that this past June at the Hungarian Powerlifting Association’s Raw Powerlifting Championship where he claimed the gold in the -83kg weight class. His 642.5kg (1,416lbs) total included three new PRs:

  • Bench Press: 112.5kg (248lbs) (5kg (11lbs) heavier than his previous PR)
  • Squat: 225kg (496lbs) (5kg (11lbs) heavier than his previous PR)
  • Deadlift: 305kg (672lbs) (15kg (33lbs) heavier than his previous PR).

Asein hashtags all the big lifts he shares on his Instagram page with “#thisIsFun” giving us a brief glimpse into the mindset of an athlete hitting frequent new PRs. Although there is little doubt that a strong community at a supportive gym, consistent hard work, progressive training, and a “could be stronger” attitude are what lead to success, “Rocket Man” shared what he found to be the biggest secret:


It is unclear at this point when or where Asein plans to compete next. But when he does, we’ll be watching with anticipation for the gigantic pulls that he has displayed he is clearly capable of delivering.

Featured image from Enahoro Asein’s Instagram page. @ena.pl_