5 Athletes to Watch at the 2020 Fitness Olympia

Who will bust a move to leave Orlando as the 2020 Fitness champ?

Out of all the IFBB Pro League divisions, the Fitness division is the most unique, dynamic, and entertaining. In addition to the standard posing round, where competitors complete quarter-turns to be judged on their physiques, there is a dance routine round that is also scored. The athlete that has the best score after both rounds is the winner. By far, Fitness is the most dynamic and physically challenge of all the other divisions. 

The athletes competing in this year’s Fitness Olympia — the full Olympia is taking place on Dec. 17-20, 2020 in Orlando, FL — represent the division’s past, present, and future. Part of that past included eight-time champion, Adela Garcia. Unfortunately, she had to withdraw due to suffering an injury. Nonetheless, the athletes that are in the lineup will still make this one of the most anticipated Fitness Olympias to date. Here are five athletes to keep an eye on over the course of the competition.

Whitney Jones

Jones enters this year’s contest as the two-time defending champion, and if she wins this year, she would be the fourth Fitness athlete — ever — to three-peat. She has overcome neck injuries in her past to win competitions, and all indications are that she is healthy and ready this year. Her focus has been on bringing a better physique than she did last year. If she does, and her routine is as impressive as expected, she will likely leave with the title.

Oksana Grishina


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Grishina is ending a three-year retirement by returning to the Olympia stage. As a past champion (four times over), she has earned lifetime qualification to any Fitness event, including the Olympia. So she hasn’t had to focus on other preps like some of her fellow competitors. Grishina still looks to be in incredible shape, but she was most famous for her dance routines. She will have to put on a memorable performance to beat Jones, but if anyone can do it, it’s Grishina.

Missy Truscott

Truscott is the 2020 Fitness International Champion, which means she’s a top contender for the Olympia. She has been working with coach John Meadows on improving her physique. Her shoulder development is second to none, and her performances impress the crowd due to some of her moves’ difficulty. She needs to be on all cylinders to take the title, but it isn’t impossible.

Ariel Khadr


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Khadr wasn’t in the Olympia last year. She did place second to Truscott at the Fitness International, and she won in Tampa as well. At one time, Khadr was the youngest pro in the world, having attained that status at 17 years old — so the pressure is nothing new to her. Aside from her abs, her costumes stand out in any lineup she competes in. Don’t be surprised if she is one of the final few athletes standing.

Jaclyn Baker

Baker was fourth at the Olympia last year, a jump in six placings over her standing in 2018. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see her in the mix again this year, but she needs to present improved hamstrings and make the most out of her dancing experience if she wants to move higher in the standings this year.

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