Check Out Jesus Olivares Squat 410kg/904lb at 22 Years Old

A new member enters the 900lb squat club.

We have seen Jesus Olivares lift some massive weight before. Whether it was deadlifting 388.5kg/857lbs in a barn, working his cardio by squatting 302.5kg/667lb for 8 reps, or going huge with a 387.7kg/855lb squat back in May. Olivares made it all part of his trajectory to hit a 900+lb squat. Yesterday, he joined the 900+lb squat club at just 22 years old when he hit an astounding 410kg/904lb squat.

If you have not yet had a chance to see this lift, you can check it out via Olivares’ Instagram page below. He gets excellent depth and the lift appeared quite smooth. 


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Olivares writes in the caption that this was a 410kg/903lb lift, but according to Google’s unit converter, 410kg is 903.895lb. So he docked himself close to a pound, which is a pretty substantial difference when working with weight this heavy.

This was a 10.4kg/23lb personal record for Olivares, who wrote that this lift was a long time coming:

Finally lol. Just finally. Joined the 900lb squat club, had to stop and look back at the path I’ve walked, the people that have walked by me and the people that’ll be with me going forward.

For reference, Olivares’ competition best squat is the 848.7lb/385kg lift he hit in the 120+kg weight class at the USA Powerlifting (USAPL) Capital City Classic on June 27th of this year. He won that event with these stats, all of which are his competition bests:

  • Squat — 848.7lb/385kg
  • Bench Press — 518.1lb/235kg
  • Deadlift — 804.7lb/365kg 
  • Total — 985kg/2,171.5lb

The past week has been quite fruitful for 120+kg competitor. In addition to hitting this new squat milestone, on August 31st, Olivares squatted 800lb/363kg for a set of 4 — a personal best. 

Olivares has mentioned previously that he has the goal of a 1,000kg/2,204.6lb total in competition. He is 15kg/33lb short of that currently, but if he continues to hit PRs at his current rate, it is very likely that he will hit that milestone very soon.

Feature image via Jesus Olivares Instagram page: @megatronus_65