Watch Powerlifter Prescillia Bavoil (-63kg) Smoke a 215kg Deadlift

Bavoil makes record level lifts look easy!

Prescillia “Lya” Bavoil of France is the current International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) European Champion in the -63kg weight class. On her way to becoming champion, she pulled a continental record deadlift of 216kg (476lbs); nearly three and a half times her bodyweight.

Finishing off the decade in style, Bavoil shared a massive 215kg (474lb) raw deadlift on her Instagram page last week. If you have not yet seen it, check it out here:

The colossal weight alone is not the only thing that makes this particular deadlift so impressive; it is the elegance of the movement Bavoil is able to maintain despite it. Aside from the curling of her lips, Bavoil’s face displays no emotion and no tension. She simply offers gravity a break as she bears the weight.

After Bavoil locks it out and drops the barbell, she does a slight fist pump. The most subtle of celebrations to cap off the biggest year of her powerlifting career. For example, 2019 saw Bavoil claim -63kg world records for the squat and total. And it is clear Bavoil has no intention of slowing down in the new decade.

Ready for 2020. I wish you all the best and huge PR’S for this new year!

Ready is right. Halfway through 2019, we covered Bavoil hitting a then PR of 205kg (452lbs). In the same workout as this big 215kg pull, Bavoil decided to further put her 2019 gains on display with a nice 200kg double:

Bavoil even attempts a third rep but drops the bar half way after her hair fell in front of her face.

When your hair bothers you to place and finish your last rep.

When her hair isn’t an obstacle, it seems almost guaranteed that Bavoil will stand on many a podium in 2020 and even improve upon the world records she’s earned. Our new year’s resolution is to cover her when she does.


Who is Lya Bavoil?

Prescillia “Lya” Bavoil is an accomplished French powerlifter. She is the current International Powerlifting Federation European Champion in the -63kg weight class.

Does Lya Bavoil hold any records?

Yes. Lya Bavoil holds the current IPF world record for squat (193kg (425lbs)) and total (514kg (1,133lbs)) in the -63kg weight class.

Bavoil also holds the IPF European continental record for deadlift (216kg (476lbs)).

Feature image from Lya Bavoil’s Instagram page: @lya_powerlift