Watch Powerlifter Matthew Arremony Deadlift a Colossal 673lb at 151lb Bodyweight!

The world record might be in jeopardy this year!

We are not going to waste any time because this lift was huge. Check out Matthew Arremony sumo deadlifting a jaw-dropping 305kg (673lbs) at a bodyweight of 151 pounds raw from his Instagram page:

Excuse me, what? What just happened? Arremony casually pulled nearly four and a half times his body weight is what happened.

Before we discuss the major implications this lift has for the competition in the -66kg weight class, who is Matthew Arremony?

Arremony is a 20-year-old powerlifter who hit the competitive scene in 2016 with his second place debut with a 510kg (1,124lbs) total at the USA Powerlifting (USAPL) Massachusetts and Rhode Island Open State Championships. Since then, Arremony has competed ten times between the -59kg and -66kg weight classes in teen, junior, and open divisions. Across those ten events, Arremony took the gold in six of them, silver in another two, and only missed the podium twice.

Okay, so his results should not come as too much of a surprise given the unbelievably heavy 673lbs deadlift he just performed with ease. What should be surprising is that this deadlift is just over 7kg (16lbs) more than the current open world record in the -66kg class held by Hassan El Belghiti of France.

Yes, yes, Arremony’s bodyweight of 151lbs at the time of lift is 6lbs heavier than what would be allowable in competition. But hauling 16lbs above the current world record is still an incredible feat. Arremony is now a provable threat to challenge for the world record deadlift in any event he heads into this year!

And who is even to say by how much he could potentially break that record? Just over a month ago, he pulled what was then a personal record of 285kg (629lbs). Oh, and he paused. Check it out:

So, yeah, doubt is out the door about whether or not 2020 will be a big year for Arremony. The question now is just how big? We’re excited to find out.


Who is Matthew Arremony?

Matthew Arremony is an accomplished powerlifter who competes in the -59kg and -66kg weight classes. He is the USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals champion in the junior division at -66kg.

What is the deadlift world record at -66kg?

The current open world record deadlift in the -66kg class is 298kg (657lbs). It is held by Hassan El Belghiti of France and performed at the Arnold Classic Europe in 2019.

Feature image via Matthew Arremony Instagram page: @lil_toetouise_snurr