This Bed Transforms Into a Space-Saving Home Gym

This Murphy bed/power rack hybrid is closing in on its Kickstarter goal.

Training at home when gyms are closed can be difficult. Whether there is a lack of proper equipment or even the lack of space that equipment requires, training at home is not always an option. The PIVOT® Bed aims to change that.

The PIVOT® Bed is a new home gym designed by Colin Montgomery and manufactured in the United Kingdom. It is functionally a Murphy bed — a bed that can fold up against a wall it is mounted to — combined with a power rack to offer athletes a home gym that doesn’t require any excess space.

The PIVOT® Bed, however, does not require any mounting to the floor or wall. When folded down, it is a bed like any other. When folded up and locked in an upright position, it reveals a full rack that can support squats, deadlifts, a yoga mat, a rowing machine, and more.

Check out the video below that displays how the PIVOT® bed works and what it would look like in a bedroom courtesy of txchsport’s Instagram page:

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Montgomery was not training due to how much time, effort, and space it took to set up equipment. When the idea struck him to design a power rack that could double as a bed to utilize the same space, he set out to design the product that — at the time of this article — has raised $192,154 of its $266,753 goal on Kickstarter.


Here are some of the features that the PIVOT® Bed includes:

  • Adjustable pull-up and dip bars.
  • Power-assisted lift — making it easier to raise the bed against the wall and reveal a power rack that can be securely locked in place.
  • Mat — matting “for all flooring.”
  • Device attachment — the center of the rack (on the underbelly of the bed) can support “virtually any device” (iPads, phones, tablets, etc).

The sizes available are a double or queen in the United States and a double or king in the UK and Europe.

Future of Home Gyms

The PIVOT® Bed comes in four options with added features with each option:

  • “Lite” — basic version of the PIVOT® Bed.
  • “Fitness” — includes exercise mat.
  • “Strength” — includes power rack add-on.
  • “Ultimate” — includes exercise mat and power rack add-on.

As the fundraising for this product is through a Kickstarter campaign, it is an “all or nothing” project. This means that it “will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Friday, Dec. 11th, 2020 by 7:59 a.m. EST.

Feature image via txchsport’s Instagram page: @txchsport