USA Weightlifting Announces Senior Pan American Championships Squad

Late yesterday, USA Weightlifting announced the men’s and women’s teams for this year’s Pan American Championships, which will be held from July 20-27 at the Miccosukee Resort in Miami, Florida.

The announcement of the teams comes after much speculation from fans, athletes, and coaches as to who would represent the USA in one of the biggest international events of the year.

You can find the full teams below, along with recent lift videos from two of the athletes on the team.

Men’s Squad:

1. Colin Burns 94K
2. D’Angelo Osorio 105K
3. Caine Wilkes +105K
4. Wesley Kitts 105K
5. Harrison Maurus 77K
6. Nathan Damron 94K
7. James Tatum 85K
8. Ethan Harak +105K
9. Angelo Bianco 77K
10. Brian Reisnauer 56K
11. Derrick Johnson 62K
12. Jordan Wissinger 69K

Women’s Squad:

1. Sarah Robles +90K
2. Mattie Rogers 69K
3. Jessica Lucero 58K
4. Alyssa Ritchey 48K
5. Amy Hay 75K
6. Caitlin Hogan 53K
7. Cortney Batchelor 53K
8. Kathleen Winters 48K
9. Mary Peck 63K
10. Ali Ludwig 90K
11. Taylar Stallings 75K
12. Marissa Klingseis 90K

Featured image: @burnscolin on Instagram