Watch the 2016 Junior World Weightlifting Championships Live!

The 2016 Junior World Championships in weightlifting are underway in Tbilisi, Georgia (“Republic of” as opposed to southern U.S. state, just to clarify). It’s an event poised to witness some big lifts from promising Juniors.

And while the 2018 Junior Worlds — recently awarded to Pyongyang, North Korea — may or may not feature a strong squad of young Americans, this year’s event most certainly does. And the remaining sessions of the event are being streamed live from Tbilisi; we’ve embedded the YouTube live stream below for easy access.

Georgia has a long history of success in weightlifting on the international stage, and Tbilisi has hosted several high profile competitions before. So far, the event seems to be running fairly smoothly, along with a decent live stream.

The schedule of lifting is below. Note that all times listed are in EST (Tbilisi is 8 hours ahead).

If you’re in the United States and want to watch, you’ll have to get up pretty early (or stay up pretty late) to see most sessions. To help, we’ve included which U.S. lifters are on the remaining schedule next to each session.

Monday, June 27th
12pm – Men’s 77kg C (Mason Groehler, Tanner Reichardt)

Tuesday, June 28th
2am – Women’s 58kg B (Erin Amos)
4am – Men’s 77kg B
7am – Women’s 58kg A
9:30am – Men’s 77kg A

Wednesday, June 29th
2am – Women’s 63kg B (Cheyenne Schenk)
4am – Men’s 85kg B (Nathan Damron, Jordan Cantrell)
7am – Women’s 63kg A
9:30am – Men’s 85kg A

Thursday, June 30th
4am – Men’s 94kg B (Tom Summa, Dylan Cooper)
7am – Women’s 69kg A
9:30am – Men’s 94kg A

Friday, July 1st
4am – Women’s 75kg B (Deirdre Lenzsch)
7am — Women’s 75kg A (Jessie Bradley)
9:30am – Men’s 105kg A (Joshua Ji)

Saturday, July 2nd
4am – Women’s +75kg A
7am – Men’s +105kg A