Updated: 2022 Boston Pro Bodybuilding Show — Full Rosters and Men’s Open Athletes to Watch

Regan Grimes, Steve Kuclo, and Missy Truscott will headline the first-ever Boston Pro show.

The 2022 Arnold Classic — one of the most prestigious shows in bodybuilding — marked the first show of the pro Men’s Open schedule. One week later, 59 pro athletes take the stage in the Bay State for the inaugural 2022 Boston Pro, set to occur on Saturday, March 12, at the Sheraton Boston Hotel.

The rosters for all seven divisions were released on Feb. 13, 2022, by the promoters. However, it’s not unusual for lower-tier shows to see competitors enter and leave the roster last minute, depending on how they performed at their last contest. With the AC in the rearview, the Boston Pro has been slightly shaken up, with certain competitors bowing out and others entering last minute to attempt to qualify for the Olympia. 

You can check out the updated rosters below: 


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In addition to a roster with names like Regan Grimes, William Bonac, and Missy Truscott, there’s also a meet and greet event for fans, featuring the likes of Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman, Phil Heath, Dexter Jackson, Flex Wheeler, Brandon Curry, Andre Ferguson, and Tito Ortiz at the venue.

Keep reading for the roster in each division and a quick breakdown of favorites to win the Men’s Open division. 

Men’s Open Roster 

  • William Bonac
  • Maxx Charles
  • Phil Clahar
  • Samson Dauda
  • Douglas Fruchey
  • Regan Grimes
  • Steve Kuclo
  • Justin Maki
  • Eslam Mohamed
  • Justin Rodriguez
  • Nathan Spear

Men’s Open Favorites

Here’s a quick rundown on the favorites to take the podium at the 2022 Boston Pro on March 12:

William Bonac

Bonac is undoubtedly looking for redemption at the 2022 Boston Pro Show. The Ghanaian bodybuilder took second to Brandon Curry at the 2022 Arnold Classic and was outspoken about his disappointment. “What in God’s name do I have to do more,” he wrote in an Instagram post. Many fans and even seven-time Mr. Olympia winner Phil Heath agree with Bonac, who won the 2022 AC Most Muscular award, that he was deserving of first place. 


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For the last few years, Curry has consistently placed ahead of Bonac. In 2019, Bonac placed second to Curry at the Olympia and Arnold Classic. At the 2020 Olympia, Bonac took fifth to Curry’s second, and in 2021, he dropped to sixth while Curry maintained second. 

That said, Bonac is a perennial contender with a chance to win any show he enters. He’s a 2020 Arnold Classic champion and has placed within the top five of five Mr. Olympia contests. With the rest of bodybuilding’s elite out of the mix, and Bonac coming off of what many fans think is one of his best packages to date, he’s a heavy favorite to win the Boston Pro. 

Regan Grimes 

Although Regan placed 15th at the 2021 Olympia, he bounced back quickly with a string of impressive finishes.

Grimes placed second behind Shaun Clarida at the 2021 Legion Sports Festival and has earned automatic qualification to the 2022 Olympia by winning the 2021 Egypt pro.

If he can bring the same shape and conditioning, there is a strong probability he can win the 2022 AC and Boston Pro. 

Justin Rodriguez 

Justin Rodriguez occupies fourth place on the 2022 Olympia qualification table with eight points — one point behind Kuclo.

Rodriguez qualified for 2021 Mr. O by winning the 2021 Indy Pro, where he won both the prejudging and final rounds with perfect scores. He took eighth place at the 2021 Olympia.


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Although a high placing at the 2022 AC and Boston Pro will add points to his OQS (Olympia qualification system) score, winning any of two shows will save him the effort of competing in multiple shows throughout the year.

The Rest of the Rosters

Here are the complete lineups for the other six divisions taking place at the Boston Pro. 

Classic Physique Roster

  • Michael Bell
  • Antonio Cummings
  • Tony Duong
  • Urs Kalencinski
  • Jared Keys
  • Lamar Shaw
  • Bartley Weaver IV
  • Andrew Wilson
  • Divine Wilson

Men’s Physique Roster

  • Erin Banks
  • Riccardo Croci
  • Daniele D’Onofrio
  • Joshua Guidry
  • Lee Harvey
  • Jeremy Henry
  • Drelyn Hunt
  • Emanual Hunter
  • Julian Ibes
  • Daniel Leone
  • Diogo Montenegro
  • Puwanat Putoya
  • Sharif Reid
  • Franklin Turner
  • Antoine Weatherspoon

Fitness Roster 

  • Jaclyn Baker
  • Stephanie Jones
  • Kristin Pope
  • Missy Truscott
  • Aurika Tyrgale
  • Tamara Vahn

Figure Roster 

  • Luana Carpareli
  • Maude Exantus
  • Wendy Fortino
  • Nicole Zenobia Grahm
  • Neli Mitreva
  • Kiah Tiller
  • Bojana Vasiljevic
  • Ronshende Whittington

Wellness Roster

  • Vanessa Bernardo
  • Angela Borges
  • Daisha Johnson
  • Celeste Morales
  • Yarishna Ayala Otero
  • Lorena Ragusa
  • Tracy Williams

Bikini Roster

  • Maureen Blanquisco
  • Jessica Nicole Dolias
  • Alessia Facchin
  • Eli Fernandez
  • Nittaya Kongthun
  • Crystal Leigh
  • Anya Nicholson
  • Elisa Pecini

2022 Olympia Qualification 

Winners of each division at the 2022 AC and Boston Pro will qualify for the 2022 Olympia. However, since Boston Pro is a tier four show, the second through fifth-place finishers earn the following points as per the Olympia scoring system: 

  • 2nd – 4 points
  • 3rd – 3 points
  • 4th – 2 points
  • 5th – 1 point

The top three point-holders in each division will qualify for the 2022 Olympia. 

2022 Boston Pro Schedule 

The Boston Pro is a one-day event. Prejudging for the Boston Pro begins at 9 p.m. EST. The finals start at 6 p.m on Saturday, March 12, 2022, at the Sheraton Boston Hotel, Boston.

Tickets are available at the Boston Pro’s website or Ticketmaster.

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