2023 Australia’s Strongest Man and Strongest Woman Results

Josh Patacca and Nicole Genrich scored the overall wins in Melbourne.

The 2023 Australia’s Strongest Man (ASM) and 2023 Australia’s Strongest Woman (ASW) contests took place in Melbourne, Australia, on March 18-19, 2023. Eleven male competitors clashed in the Men’s Open, and nine female competitors battled in the Women’s Open.

In the end, Josh Patacca emerged victorious among the strongmen by 9.5 points over runner-up Ryan Rullis to claim the 2023 ASM title. Nicole Genrich scored a runaway victory in the Women’s Open, finishing 11 points ahead of Megan Clark in second place. Check out the full results of both divisions below:


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2023 Australia’s Strongest Man Results

  1. Josh Patacca — 76.5 points
  2. Ryan Rullis — 67 points
  3. Macauley Tinker — 59 points
  4. Jordan Osborne — 57.5 points
  5. Sean Gillen — 51.5 points
  6. Aidan Canini — 46.5 points
  7. Hank Theunissen — 46 points
  8. Dylan Lockard — 36.5 points
  9. Jihad El Masri — 35 points
  10. Maximus McCall — 21.5 points
  11. Nathan Woods — Nine points

2023 Australia’s Strongest Woman Results

  1. Nicole Genrich — 62.5 points
  2. Megan Clark — 51.5 points
  3. Nichole Wight — 45.5 points
  4. Rebekah Chessum — 43 points
  5. Katie Blunden — 39.5 points
  6. Ari Mann — 34.5 points
  7. Camilla Fogagnolo — 29.5 points
  8. Joe Kimitaunga — 29 points
  9. Elly Smith — 21 points

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The competitors in both divisions competed across eight events over the two days of competition. Those events, in order, were: Yoke Race, Max Axle Deadlift, Tyre Flip, Frame Hold, Max Deadlift, Qest Stone Carry, Heavy Dumbbell for Reps, and Atlas Stone-to-Shoulder.

The Yoke Race challenged athletes to walk the yoke as fast as possible down a 20-meter course. The Max Axle used an “F Truck” axle, allowing each athlete to establish their max lift.

The Tyre Flip event challenged athletes to perform five flips as quickly as possible. The Frame Hold involved athletes competing in heats of two, each holding a BBQ rig for as long as possible.

The Max Deadlift, a classic event, challenged athletes to pull their heaviest weight possible using figure 8 lifting straps without wearing a lifting suit. The Qest Stone carry challenged athletes to carry the stone around an eight-meter circle as many times as possible, with the farthest distance scoring first-place points.

The Max Dumbbell for Reps event involved dumbbells with longer and thicker handles than what is typically seen in strongman competition. Strongwomen hoisted a 50-kilogram dumbbell, while the strongmen pressed 90 kilograms.

The final event was the Atlas Stone-to-Shoulder, which compelled athletes to clean each stone from the floor to their shoulders rather than loading them onto a pedestal.

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