2023 Iran’s Strongest Man Results — Ramin Farajnejad Triumphant

Ten of Iran's strongest athletes competed in Safadasht, Iran.

On Jan. 26-27, 2023, 10 of the best athletes in Iran converged on Safadasht to compete for the title of the country’s strongest man. Ramin Farajnejad emerged as the best in the field to claim the title — the first win of his pro-strongman career, according to Strongman Archives.

The 2023 Iran’s Strongest Man (ISM) contest was primarily a two-man clash for the title, as Farajnejad and Reza Gheitasi distanced themselves from the rest of the field on the overall leaderboard. Ultimately, Farajnejad cushioned his lead by five points over silver-medalist Gheitasi, who was 10.5 points ahead of bronze-medalist Mohsen Masnabadi. Check out the full results below:

2023 Iran’s Strongest Man Results

  1. Ramin Farajnejad — 49 points
  2. Reza Gheitasi — 44 points
  3. Mohsen Masnabadi — 33.5 points
  4. Mohammad Reza Tazehroo — 30.5 points
  5. Ali Akbar Jafari — 28.5 points
  6. Masoud Barzam — 27 points
  7. Matin Ali Mohammadi — 26 points
  8. Nemat Jalali — 24 points
  9. Majid Yacoubi — 17.5 points
  10. Amir Farzan Mehzoun — 12 points

Check out Farajnejad performing in the Power Stairs event in the video below, courtesy of backstage.sport’s Instagram page:

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Ramin Farajnejad

Since 2017, Farajnejad has competed in five elite strongman contests, including the 2023 ISM contest. His debut was at the 2017 Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championships in Columbus, OH. He ranked third overall behind the 2020 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) champion, Oleksii Novikov, who was the runner-up and overall winner, Mateusz Ostaszewski of Poland.
Farajnejad did not compete in 2018 but returned in 2019 at the World’s Ultimate Strongman (WUS) Dubai contest, where he ranked 10th out of 14. He repeated his pattern of taking a year off in 2020 before returning in 2021 at the 2021 WUS Strength Island contest, placing fifth overall out of 15. He finished in last place in the WUS Dubai contest later that year. Another year off in 2022 preceded his win at the start of 2023 to be crowned Iran’s Strongest Man.

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Reza Gheitasi

Similar to Farajnejad, Gheitasi has competed in five elite contests in his strongman career at the time of this article’s publication. His appearance in the 2023 ISM contest was his third career appearance in that competition.

Gheitasi made his strongman debut at the 2021 ISM contest, finishing in the bronze position among 10 athletes. That same year, he finished fourth of 17 at the 2021 Middle East’s Strongest Man contest.

In 2022, Gheitasi competed at the 2022 ISM to an eighth-place finish out of 12 competitors. He finally captured his first career win at the 2022 Pahlavon Mahmud Strongman Grand Prix, besting 15 other strongmen, including 2022 Magnus ver Magnusson Strongman Classic champion Rongo Keene.

Featured image: @backstage.sport on Instagram