Aleksey Torokhtiy Hits 255kg Power Jerk in CrossFit Games Vendor Village

Call him a perfectionist, because 245kg was simple not enough. Just a couple weeks after hitting well over 500 pounds on the power jerk in training, 2012 Olympic gold medalist (105kg) Aleksey Torokhtiy bested his recent PR by 10 kilos — and he did so in the vendor village at the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games.

Yes, Torokhtiy is technically retired, but he stays in amazing shape while also providing an insane amount of free coaching content and advice to the international weightlifting community. Below is a video of Torokhtiy’s full session, which occurred in one of the demo rigs in the Rogue Fitness booth.

Is his 255 kilogram/561 pound lift the heaviest power jerk of all time — at least, heaviest recorded on video?