Andy Bolton: Back to Training After Cancer and Kidney Failure

“I mean yesterday I maxed out at 440, I just can’t imagine what it feels like to pull a 1000lbs”

“No. You can’t.”

Fortunately both my deadlift and interviewing skills have improved a lot since the first time I met Andy Bolton, but I still can’t imagine even for one second it feels like to be that strong. But Andy is more than just physically strong; he is without a doubt one of the most resilient people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Not that long ago Andy was diagnosed with both Kidney Failure and cancer. That news would have meant the end of normal life for most people. But not for Andy; it was just another obstacle to overcome, but like all the obstacles he’s faced in his life, it’s not slowed him down for long.

Check out my full interview with Andy Bolton below.