Biggest Lifts From 2019 Dubai CrossFit Championship

Check out the big lifts of the event that impacted the results and really wowed!

The 2019 CrossFit Dubai Championship finished up on December 14th and the results saw Sara Sigmundsdottir, Brent Fikowski, and team MisFit M10 Performance claim victory in the women’s, men’s, and team divisions respectively. There were also some memorable lifts that we would be amiss if we did not give the proper deference.

Eventual champion Sara Sigmundsdottir hoisted a huge 112kg (247lbs) in the One Max Rep Clean & Jerk. This matched her personal best as well as tied her for first place in the event with Callerina Natori. But those are not the only reasons this particular lift was so memorable. It was also the first time Sigmundsdottir successfully clean & jerked that amount of weight in competition since she broke her rib two years ago.

Callerina Natori of the United States also put up a super impressive lift. She tied Sigmundsdottir’s 112kg (247lbs) clean & jerk to also place first in the One Rep Max Clean & Jerk event. Check out the video below from repArep’s YouTube channel of both Natoya and Sigmundsdottir’s winning clean & jerks.

(Natori’s clean & jerk at 2:38. Sigmundsdottir’s clean & jerk at 3:09)

In the One Rep Max Clean & Jerk in the men’s division, Tola Morakinyo was the talk of the town. Morakinyo currently co-holds the CrossFit competition record for the clean & jerk of 175.5kg (387lbs) with Jake Douglas, set at the 2017 CrossFit Games.

For his third and final attempt in Dubai, Morakinyo heaved a gigantic 173kg (381lbs) to win the event. Morakinyo ended up missing the podium at the end of the championship despite this monstrous lift.

Morakinyo was turning heads with the ease he was tossing around the barbell in Dubai. In event 7, Morakinyo put up twenty one 75kg (165lbs) snatches in just over a minute. Seeing that stat written out does not do it justice so check out a clip courtesy of Dubai CrossFit Championship’s Instagram page:

Natoya, Sigmundsdottir, and Morakinyo posted some big lifts and put on an incredible show in Dubai. The 2019 Dubai CrossFit Championship certainly gave us some memorable moments and got us even more excited for CrossFit competition in 2020.

Dubai CrossFit Championship FAQs

Who won the 2019 Dubai CrossFit Championship?

The first place finishers for each division at the 2019 Dubai CrossFit Championship:

Women’s Division: Sara Sigmundsdottir

Men’s Division: Brent Fikowski

Team Division: MisFit M10 Performance

When is the Dubai CrossFit Championship?

The 2019 Dubai CrossFit Championship was held from December 11-14th.

Feature image from Dubai CrossFit Championship Instagram page: @dxbfitnesschamp