Brent Fikowski Goes to The CrossFit Games In This New, Surprisingly Funny Documentary

When’s the last time you saw a documentary that took you right into the heart of the Reebok CrossFit Games, but wasn’t an official documentary produced by CrossFit HQ? It doesn’t happen often, right?

Well, if you’ve been craving some behind-the-scenes footage of this year’s Games and can’t wait until the annual movie release (which will probably be next spring) you’ve got episode 4 of the quirky-yet-compelling Brent Fikowski series, All In.

We’ve been following this series since its inception. Part 1 was kind of a prequel to the Open that looked at the man’s day-to-day life and his strategy for conquering the first workout of the 2018 season, the Open workout 18.1. (Read our recap here.)

The second installment — another recap here — showed the man completing the other four workouts in the Open and the third video was All About the Regionals, but now. Now we’ve gotten to the Games themselves.

Watch the video below, simple entitled The Games, Part 1. We were going to wait until Part 2 came out to write about it, but we couldn’t wait. This series is great.

If you’ve watched any of the other videos in the series you’ll know that while they’re not exactly comedies, they’re certainly funnier than your traditional CrossFit fare. (Not that there’s anything wrong with what HQ puts out.) The show pretty much starts off (at the 1.35) mark with a parody of Zach Galifianakis’ Between Two Ferns, during which Fikowski Reads Mean YouTube Comments, and it just gets better.

And sure, maybe it would be a more satisfying show to watch if last year’s second Fittest Man on Earth™ had won this year’s Games (spoiler alert) but Fikowski is such a magnetic dude that it’s still good fun to watch him attack the toughest workouts in the world, especially because he does so with his analytic accountant mind.

We’re looking forward to episode 5.

Featured image via STORYHIVE on YouTube.